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Iron Bow Health- Makes everyone AWARE

The telemedicine sector is changing and has seen significant improvements. What now stands at 25.4 billion USD is expected to grow till 55.6 billion USD in the coming times, mostly in the next five years. The huge distribution has played an important role in enhancing the overall role. One of the main reasons why the telehealth sector has grown significantly over the time is because of Covid-19 breakout. The businesses which initially had a set amount for investing in the healthcare sector have increased their investments.

“AWARE by Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions, Diveplan and Nomadics aims at enhancing the telehealth sectors, especially in times of Covid-19.” 

Telemedicine refers to the practise of healthcare professionals providing remote advises and treatment to patients. Mostly due to the stay-in-home orders, telemedicine has become more prominent with startups spending more on it. Several apps have come up to ease the digital telemedicine sector. With proper training and use, the sectors are taking more care of it. One such leading company in the telemedicine healthcare sector is Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions. 

Over the years, Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions have worked dedicatedly to transform the face of the telemedicine sector. With a strong telehealth and understanding requirements, they are making effective technological investments in the digital health sector to ensure better working for patients as well as service providers. Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions is a leading company in the telehealth sector with an experience of more than twenty years. With such extensive research, the company is dedicated to bring technical expertise in collaboration with strategic partnerships across the industry to boost healthcare service offerings. 

With a vision of ‘innovating the world,’ Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions is bringing the change with strong and flexible solutions to deliver positive patient results. The company provides the largest telehealth implementation solution across the US and soon aims to go global to ease working for everybody. 

The unique combination of technology and expertise across the healthcare market has been driving them to deploy easy and effective solutions. The blend of technology with seamlessness eventually contributed to the rise in workflow and bringing a change in the healthcare sector. 

Iron Bow Technologies, the leading IT solutions provider for government and commercial markets also collaborated with ViiMed to boost the strategic partnership and bring changes. The collaboration of the two is aimed at providing better telehealth solutions to the providers and services. 

“Virtual care is a necessity which can only be catered with improvements in the telehealth sector.”

The extensive experience of Iron Bow Healthcare and workflow centric virtual care platform of ViiMed is said to bring better virtual care solutions across enterprise organization’s. 

Talking about the collaboration, Rene Lavigne, The President and Chief Executive officer of Iron Bow said, “We’ve been partnered with ViiMed for some time now and are excited to take the next step in structuring a more strategic business partnership to maximize the synergies our respective organization’s bring in driving innovations in virtual care. The ViiMed platform is impressive, as a true virtual care platform. This combined with our virtual care solutions and services, now enables us to offer a holistic solution set for clients around the world.”

With an extensive knowledge across the healthcare industry and in-depth knowledge of technical expertise, the workflow awareness is meant to improve thereby bringing positive solutions through increased remote care. 

The virtual care offers the benefits to patients to easily access the hospital resources like care coordinators without the need of waiting across in rooms. The hospital is one of most common breeding places for the virus. Virtual care in times of Covid-19 has only helped to avoid the risk of virus from spreading. To ease virtual care offerings, Iron Bow Health has partnered with different solutions. The global information technology service provider launched MedView to enhance video monitoring capacities across medical care.

The app is launched at an affordable rate to bring multi-speciality consulting no matter where the patients are located. MedView is aimed at providing high quality video for proper patient monitoring and  conducting a wide range of tasks such as virtual family visits, e-rounding, discharge planning, patient monitoring and care coordination. The launch of MedView by Iron Bow Health has only helped to ease the health systems care delivery models. 

Talking about the app, Mr LaVigne said, “Our team has been aligned closely with our nation’s hospital systems working together to develop solutions to best solve their challenges. I believe we’ve hit the mark with MedView.” In the times of Covid-19, apps like MedView have only helped to boost patient care. MedView was launched the previous year in the ATA conferences. Mr LaVigne believes that MedView transforms care delivery modes with enhanced quality of care for all patients. 

Every year, Iron Bow Healthcare Technologies partners with different organizations to boost their services. The combination of different video health care delivery devices is meant to ease caregiving services. The equation between the organizations only helps to boost the record-keeping services. Back in the year, talking about the collaboration with ExtendedCare technology, Mr LaVigne reflected on importance of telehealth services. The global approach eventually contributes to bringing in significant results. 

Mr. LaVigne added, “ExtendedCare’s technologies enable Iron Bow to broaded it’s telehealth offering with a clinical solution that improves the patient experience, including care plan integration, concierge services, and bedside access. The solution will be managed under Iron How’s industry leading global support services organization.” Talking about elevating the efforts and bringing in changes, Mr LaVigne said, “We believe this strategic alliance will allow us to bring robust advancements to the market for enhanced delivery and quality of care.”

Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions fights Covid-19

To fight the Covid-19 virus, Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions has brough about the virtual care solutions. In the recent years, Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions partnered with Diveplan and Knowmadics to launch AWARE Contract Tracing exchange software. It is one of the best softwares, hailed for maintaining data privacy. The solution is aimed at enhancing accurate healthcare data tracing while curbing the rate at which the virus spreads. 

The leader believes that the software is “essential for the future” in terms of testing, tracking and tracing. AWARE is an effective cloud solution to boost public healthcare sector. The software is designed to test, track and trace the systems across different testing sectors. Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions’ brings about a secure, and anonymized data to provide information across emergency responses while promoting analysing and effective critical services. 

AWARE is aimed at maintaining data privacy while providing users and patients accurate information regarding location and delivering information yjroihh synthetic channels. The software aims at protecting data privacy while managing personally identifiable information (PII). 

Reverse engineering is something every business is scared mostly because of the loss of data. This AI and synthetic data engine helps to share data externally as well as internally thereby avoiding the risk of data confidentiality. Furthermore, it helps to increase data security while coping up with the statistical data analysis real-time. 

AWARE is aimed at boosting several goals and ensuring proper support across different system for the following goals

  • Collects data to avoid the risk of reinfections. 
  • Prevents transmission and reduces the risk of infection. 
  • Offers constant information and context to provide accurate data in terms of diagnosis, treatment and epidemiology. 
  • Provides information

The AWARE technology is one of the best softwares till date by Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions to fight off the Covid-19. 

“Our team has been aligned closely with our nation’s hospital systems working together to develop solutions to best solve their challenges. I believe we’ve hit the mark with MedView.”

The company is aiming at making things easy by enhancing the video conferencing quality. With small steps the company aims at enhancing the overall telehealth sector. Each year, they participate and want to increase the video conferencing in the healthcare sector to ease things for clients and healthcare providers.