Ironclad – The Global Leader in Digital Contracts

Located in San Francisco, CA, USA, Ironclad is one of the world’s leading Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platforms. Contracts are a tricky business; they need to be handled carefully and thoroughly, and Ironclad has devised a way to create and work on contracts securely and efficiently.

Contracts are a necessary aspect of running a successful business, but they cost companies a lot of time, money and resources, often millions and billions of dollars. Ironclad makes negotiating and dealing with contracts convenient. It aims to make different parts of contract management, such as HR dealings, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), and sales pitches, less challenging.

Oftentimes, a company’s legal team spends more time and resources on creating and maintaining paperwork than doing their primary job — legal work. Ironclad has designed software that digitally compiles, organizes, and stores legal paperwork, giving legal teams the space to focus on business and legal aspects of a business than administrative tasks. Clients and companies view contracts as sheets of paper that could damage or put their business at risk if mismanaged. To put an end to concerns regarding contracts, companies look for tools and software to organise contracts in an accessible and readable format.

Ironclad believes in highlighting the essential, valuable and relevant data from contracts. CEO Jason Boehmig created a method that introduced legal teams to Silicon Valley Technology. With software and technology like API, Ironclad helps legal teams store their contracts and data in digital folders of pre-existing platforms, such as Dropbox, Salesforce and DocuSign, without breaking their workflow. The problem with already-existing software is that it is inconsistent, inflexible, and not easily accessible, which results in wasting time, money and resources.

“What does the ideal contract platform need to have? It needs to be collaborative, so the way contracts are created is cross-functional by its very nature,” said Jason Boehmig, CEO of Ironclad.

Founders Jason Boehmig and Cai GoGwilt, CEO and CTO respectively, built Ironclad to curb contract barriers in legal settings. With Ironclad’s products and services, legal, sales, HR, procurement, finances, and marketing become easier to handle. Its CLM software allows for an accessible, easy-to-blend, and customized workflow to enable automated digital contracts. The software provides speed, compliance, and guidelines to users who wish to create their contracts.

Another Ironclad service is Dynamic Repository, which digitally stores all the contracts on a single platform and provides relevant contract information in real time. Using Ironclad’s dashboard, clients can track and monitor contracts with the highest priority and alert them about important contracting activities.

Ironclad Clickwrap enables customers and vendors to scale their transactions, reduce and fix business risks, and manage their digital contracts in a single, central database. The company has also mixed the world’s top-most Artificial Intelligence software, Google Cloud AI, with legal knowledge that assists with smart contracting.

Contracts are legally binding documents. It is critical to ensure a company’s contract management platform is safe and secure to protect a contract during all its stages — creating, editing, processing, and storing. Ironclad’s software provides encryption, infrastructure, and cyber and operational security that conducts regular tests to identify any risks and vulnerabilities in the contract.

Last but not least, proper CLM incorporation will only be possible with a solid technological base and foundation. With their team of Silicon Valley engineers, legal team, and lawyers, Ironclad’s CLM offers specialists and expertise in integrating salesforce, identifying threats, increasing efficiency, and developing a cost-effective method to manage contracts.

Ironclad has gained recognition for its CLM software and won various awards for its contribution toward managing contracts effectively and carefully. According to Fortune, it is one of the “Best Workplaces in Technology”, and Forbes has named Ironclad as one of the “The Next Billion-Dollar Startups.”