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In the current IT climate, technological advancements and business value walk hand-in-hand. The better the technology, the higher the brand image. iVision understands the industry’s requirements and delivers dynamic security and cloud solutions, making it a top VMware partner. Top-notch security and cloud services enable companies to satisfy their customers and grow their business—and iVision has made customer satisfaction and business development its sole purpose.

As a leading VMware partner and technology solutions company, iVision believes in a client-centric approach. It paves the road to success through customized recommendations, digital expertise, and high-quality assistance. It provides IT infrastructure and system support through various services and solutions that guarantee improved performance and positive customer experience.

The IT landscape encounters multiple challenges, from hybrid cloud integration and data center consolidation to cyber threats and rising management costs. iVision develops and provides cloud, security, network, data center, digital workspace, and IT workflow solutions to combat these challenges.

iVision extends its services across multiple industries, including legal, business, utilities, manufacturing, technology, construction, healthcare, finance, and insurance. The company designs customizable solutions aligning with each industry or enterprise’s business models and goals. Its game-changing approach and partnership with VMware deliver practical methods that allow clients to select, design, and organize their IT frameworks and applications.

iVision is passionate about high-performing teams, as well as earning and continuing to develop ‘clients for life’ where the term ‘client’ refers to both internal and external relationships,” said David Degitz, CEO of iVision.

One of iVision’s three primary services is its lifecycle solution. Whether in public, private, or hybrid work mode, it is essential to have the best equipment and robust infrastructure compatible with business objectives. iVision’s solutions lifecycle provides vendor strategy and roadmaps that maximize investment returns by using hardware, software, and cloud market trends to design optimal IT contracts.

With its product procurement feature, iVision uses the solutions lifecycle service to identify and procure relevant goods and services required to run a seamless and successful business. Every business depends on digital tools and infrastructure. iVision offers iTrax, a central, client-operated renewal portal, which keeps the IT framework secure and accessible.

A rising concern in today’s IT climate is rising cloud management costs. Through cloud cost management, iVision delivers efficient, cost-effective, and protected recommendations that allow organizations to financially manage their IT assets and services. Additionally, iVision uses its IT asset management solution to regularly track and keep up with emerging technology and upgrade existing tools.

iVision’s consulting services form the core of robust and long-lasting IT technologies. With its IT strategy solution, iVision aligns IT tools with business objectives and processes. This service designs and executes methodological plans for better performance and productivity.

Furthermore, instead of understanding its client’s needs through data, iVision obtains insights from CIO and CISO advisory. Communicating with CIO and CISO networks allows iVision to support its client’s enterprise model.

Additionally, through its consulting services, iVision accelerates technology transformations. Its IT and project management program transfers data from one point to another efficiently and quickly. iVision uses tested processes to analyze a project’s scope, identify and eliminate threats, and ensure timely and accurate results.

Finally, iVision’s managed services use the company’s decades of expertise, engineering knowledge, and next-generation technology to design effective, customer-centric solutions. iVision’s managed services reform the digital workspace by providing endpoint management on desktops, mobile, and laptops. The VMware partner strengthens data centers by enabling data backups, computation, disaster recovery, storage, and virtualization.

iVision works with AWS, Azure, and M365 to improve data networks, enable access and data center switching, balance loads and network carriers, routing, WAN optimization, and wireless operations. With an emphasis on IT security, iVision solidifies IT resiliency, the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), virtual CIO, SOC/SIEM, and the Information Security Management System.

The Atlanta, Georgia-based company has a diverse catalog detailing its services and their impact on global enterprises. A wholesale beverage distributor needed improved digital services for better customer and supplier experiences that met the constantly evolving industry trends.

iVision studied and understood its client’s needs and objectives through AWS. iVision’s data and cloud experts designed a solid architecture system and built and managed services to help its client confidently grow their AWS-based e-commerce business.