Jesta I.S. – ERP & Enterprise Software for Unified Commerce

Trusted by CIOs of leading consumer brands for its 50+ years of innovation and architectural capabilities, Jesta I.S. provides enterprise cloud systems and point solutions for retailers, e-tailers, wholesalers, and brand manufacturers that specialize in apparel, footwear, fashion, accessories and hardlines.

The Jesta I.S. Vision Suite optimizes supply chains from end to end. Vision Sourcing & Demand, Vision Merchandising, Vision Store & Omnichannel, and Vision Analytics are its four main product pillars and each addresses a different segment of the supply chain for streamlined product journeys, accelerated operations, improved efficiency, and increased user and consumer experience. The Jesta Vision Suite provides modern, robust and scalable technology that helps clients navigate the digital world seamlessly.

Jesta I.S. uses decades of knowledge and expertise to combat the challenges affecting the retail environment. Various factors including market fluctuations and uncertainties, ever-evolving consumer behaviors, global disruptions like the pandemic, war, and supply chain issues, as well as other social, economic, and political changes have caused a fundamental shift in the retail sector. New software is required to adapt to changing consumer demands and to offer frictionless omnichannel shopping experiences. Some companies are also struggling due to outdated systems, a lack of supply chain agility and a lack of enterprise inventory visibility.

Keeping the existing obstacles in mind and adhering to a customer-centric approach, Jesta I.S. has partnered with its clients in reshaping their business goals, exploring new strategies, and expanding supply chains to meet consumer needs. Jesta’s Point of Sale Store & Omnichannel solution enables frictionless cross-channel transactions, order management and promotions that empower enterprises with unified commerce capabilities to increase customer engagement and boost sales. Vision Store & Omnichannel enhances in-store efficiency at the POS and back office by accelerating accurate transaction processes, increasing cross-channel inventory productivity and customer transparency, and leveraging mobile capabilities to enhance the consumer shopping experience anytime and anywhere.

Through automated and streamlined business processes, the Jesta Vision Suite has enabled our clients to accelerate the shift toward digital and omnichannel retail. Our capabilities for robust unified commerce and focus on agility and strategy have allowed us to address challenges rapidly and have been a key to our success and that of our clients,” says Arvind Gupta, President of Jesta I.S.

Jesta’s Front of House omnichannel solutions process all cross-channel orders including in-store orders, while its CRM/Loyalty feature enables retailers to study customer data to create targeted advertisements and offers using shopping patterns and the latest trends. Jesta’s Mobile POS boosts sales and elevates in-store shopping experiences by line-busting, using state-of-the-art visualization, and allowing consumers to seamlessly check out, order products across an endless aisle, and pick them up anywhere.

For Back Office, Jesta’s proprietary Runner apps build communication channels between Front of House and Back of House employees to fill product requests and execute them for a customer on the sales floor. Data insights allow retailers to monitor, study, understand, and respond to retail information. The acquired data helps develop and deliver new products, services, and brand strategies. Mobile apps also include management tools that manage in-store associate tasks, goals, and report calls.

As a customer-driven company, Jesta’s White Label apps connect e-commerce and stores and enable self-service orders, unified loyalty, real-time offers and promotions, and shared baskets across multiple channels. Customers can interact with the app through Loyalty and Customer Profile features like surveys and a Kiosk mode.

Jesta has assisted various clients in overcoming the challenges they encountered in the POS environment and reaching their business goals. Christy Sports, one of the United States’ largest winter sports retailers, operates as an omnichannel retailer, a rental house, and a custom order retailer. Since the sports company juggled between operating as a full winter service ski- and-snow shop and a summer service bike-and-patio store, it faced obstacles with substantial acquisition investments.

Each banner operated individually, resulting in inconsistent data, multiple product catalogs, different processes, and unpredictable customer experiences. Christy Sports required a unique end-to-end technology to integrate all brands. Jesta’s POS allowed them to place equipment reservations online and in-store seamlessly, improving their services, increasing customer satisfaction, preventing risks, and eliminating manual tasks for store associates. Download the full Christy Sports case study here.