Kaman Corporation – Extend Your Reach

Today, the importance of aviation and aerospace is evident more than ever. The aerospace industry has simplified complex operations and made services accessible to customers worldwide. Kaman Corporation’s contribution to the aerospace sector has taken the industry to even greater heights. As a leading aviation and aerospace service provider, Kaman has established itself as a trusted industrial distributor and system consultant.

Kaman has empowered the defense, medical, and industrial sectors with its technical expertise and innovative solutions. Kaman, known for its technological breakthroughs and strategies, is a renowned figure in resolving challenges affecting the aerospace and defense markets.

Kaman Corporation continuously designs, tests, and delivers best-in-class products to make the aerospace sector more accessible and safer. Kaman’s aerospace aftermarket parts comprise replacement parts that ensure high-precision inventories and fuel supplies for engines, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft. These EXTEX-engineered products guarantee exceptional quality and reliability and reduce the current MRO and operating costs.

Having been in the industry for decades, Kaman’s partnership with EXTEX is an innovative and strategic choice that supports an array of engine and aircraft platforms. EXTEX provides aftermarket aircraft parts for a wide range of fixed-wing and rotorcraft models to build high-quality replacement parts and achieve low fleet operating costs.

Kaman’s FAA repair stations handle a company’s overhaul needs, from overhauling an aircraft structural to displacement sensors. Kaman demonstrates the ability, expertise, and skills to support its Airline MRO customers. Its world-class services from state-of-the-art FAA repair station facilities use its proprietary KAron self-lubricating liner system to extend component life cost-effectively.

Using KAron for component repair offers a machineable liner and displays superior performance in challenging environments by extending the component life. Kaman repairs make replacing components affordable by offering competitive rates, a one-to-two-week turnaround time, and AOG services. Kaman’s PMA bearings provide engineered solutions and PMA parts from certified distributors, allowing companies to use the self-lubricated offerings in various locations, such as aircraft flight controls, landing gear, engines, and thrust reversers.

Furthermore, Kaman’s expert engineering and sales teams work with major aircraft manufacturers globally to identify PMA-bearing problems. Upon identifying the issues, Kaman designs tailored solutions and builds new applications to increase reliability and reduce unjustified costs.

Kaman’s aerospace wheels and brakes make sure planes remain safe and secure. The company’s wheel assemblies are qualification-tested wheels to support the load requirements for most lightweight and business-class planes. These products use aluminum, magnesium castings, or aluminum forgings to create main, dolly, and auxiliary wheel solutions.

With its qualification-tested brake products, Kaman meets the needs of most LSA and turboprop aircraft. Kaman designs Cleveland’s brake assemblies and runs performance tests to decelerate the plane properly and safely under predictable and unpredictable conditions. Kaman’s brake solutions include general and business aviation, turboprop passenger, and helicopters.

Hydraulic components support an aircraft’s braking system; Kaman’s hydraulic parts are excellent, compatible, and reliable. Cleveland offers solutions to ensure hydraulic parts support a plane’s braking system, from park brake valves and master cylinders to shimmy dampers and actuators.

You’re going to see Kaman continue to get stronger operationally. I think great companies are able to really get their heads up and look down the road, see where they’re going, and know how fast they need to go to get there. — Ian K. Walsh, President & CEO

Kaman also solves critical problems with its bearings and engineered products. The company designs and manufactures high-quality bearings and engineered components, leveraging custom engineering to devise application-oriented solutions across all sectors. Kaman uses its experience and knowledge to build a highly engineered environment for aerospace, medical, hydropower, and other heavy industries.

With its self-lubricating bearings, Kaman offers maintenance-free and reliable applications with an extended lifespan. These applications reduce operating costs by supporting high and manageable loads at high and low speeds. Kaman’s self-lubricating bearings resolve all bearing concerns, regardless of the industry or vehicles.

Kaman’s metal-to-metal bearing solutions suit applications that experience high loads. These bearings can support extreme and fluctuating environmental conditions, such as high temperatures up to 800°C, low temperatures, such as cryogenic temperatures, or exposure to vacuum conditions experienced by space applications. Kaman’s Titanium Diffusion Hardening process, a unique solution that creates hard, smooth, deep-case layers in titanium alloys, makes titanium a suitable bearing material for applications that did not initially support titanium, making it a weight-saving choice.

Composite and metallic structures are integral to every aircraft model. Kaman’s composite and metallic parts equip aerospace defense with reflectors, radomes, rotor blades, workstations, and consoles. It also offers skin and EMI-shielded mission structures, racks, fairings, enclosures, and complex assemblies. These parts are also compatible with acoustic panels, fan-track liners, strut fairings, wing-to-body fairings, winglets, inlets, nacelles, machined cores, and control surfaces of aerospace commercials.

Kaman also supports the medical and industrial imaging sectors by designing and delivering oncology tables and extensions, orthopedic tables and beams, computed tomography, CT tables, headrests, plates, and covers.

Data transfer systems are vital aerospace requirements. Kaman manufactures rugged avionic modules for transferring and storing mission- and flight-critical data. These data transfer units connect with the cockpit host computer through industry-oriented SCSI, MIL-STD-1553, and Ethernet data buses. Kaman DTUs use PCMCIA and SATA flash memory gadgets to transfer data between mission planning, aircraft maintenance ground stations, and the cockpit. The company provides full lifecycle support to these systems that remain active even two decades later in the harshest and extreme fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft flight climates.

Kaman is a global leader in designing, producing, and integrating high-performance, non-contact, position-measuring displacement sensors for critical applications. These sensors are tailored, configured, and implemented to meet the needs of any application.

Kaman designs components for arming devices; seals, springs, and contacts; helicopters; and unmanned aircraft systems to make the aerospace sector easy to navigate. With its flexible drive systems and self-lubricating liner systems, Kaman meets the needs of applications across all industries. These products comprise no moving parts, require no lubrication, and do not have weld points. Their high torque capacity and speed capabilities make them highly reliable.

Furthermore, their rugged construction and high torsional stiffness provide superior misalignment capability. This flexible drive system delivers high performance, has zero downtime, and is maintenance-free. It also offers increased reliability, high durability, and an extended lifespan cost-effectively.