Kizan – Microsoft Solutions Partner

Teamwork is the key to dream work, and KiZAN Technologies strives to deliver the best tools to strengthen team dynamics. As a leading Microsoft Solutions partner, KiZAN Technologies helps companies build a more robust system. With a focus on expertise and innovation, KiZAN provides clients with Microsoft solutions that counter IT challenges.

KiZAN is well-versed in Microsoft solutions and has attained five of Microsoft’s new Cloud Partner Program solutions designations (security; modern work; infrastructure Azure; digital and app innovation Azure; Data and AI Azure), as well as nine Advanced Specializations.

Launched in 1991, KiZAN has been a trusted Microsoft partner for over three decades. The company uses its expertise, knowledge, and resources to provide the best-in-class architecture, design, and deployment to develop and maintain applications, data, and cloud platforms. The current IT landscape encounters various challenges slowing its growth. KiZAN believes in transforming the space with its experience to help organizations expand and thrive.

All our practice areas are expanding rapidly as we guide customers on their migration to the cloud, from our Azure Infrastructure Team to our Advanced Analytics Group, to our established expertise in Modern Workplace and Digital Transformation,” said Robert Steele, CEO of KiZAN Technologies.

Traditional file-transferring methods are tedious and time-consuming. KiZAN’s Microsoft solutions synchronize and share files across devices within seconds by managing and retaining digitized content and metadata. KiZAN also integrates documents with internal systems, customizing and automating document workflows. The company also improves management accessibility, security, and time management to maintain audit logs.

KiZAN Technologies deploys industry-leading monitoring tools to accelerate governance, compliance, retention, and security. In addition, the company sets email rules according to user patterns to upgrade deprecated systems and adds group inboxes and calendars to prioritize relevant messages. KiZAN also enables sharing and co-authoring in real-time by making email accessible from iOS, android, desktop, or browser.

To make voice communication unified, KiZAN merges on-premises, hybrid, and cloud PBX systems on a centralized platform to meet specific requirements. KiZAN connects prospects, clients, employees, and partners and performs monthly health checks through video conferences that support up to 250 participants. It combines voice and video communication through HD videos, desktop sharing, co-authoring, and presentations.

With its expertise and industrial knowledge, KiZAN designs solutions to improve system data. KiZAN generates accurate data and analytics in seven steps: initiating, planning, engaging, increasing productivity, enhancing visibility, seamless integration, and adding the ODBMS landscape. The company also strengthens cloud architecture to help enterprises build and manage cloud resources for scalability, better performance, resilience, disaster recovery solutions, and higher flexibility.

As a reliable Microsoft partner, KiZAN makes sign-in more secure using Single Sign-on (SSO) across Windows, Apple, Linux, iOS, or Android devices. It also improves corporate data security on cloud platforms, on-premises, and hybrid modes. Furthermore, KiZAN enables multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to data and installs data backup and recovery solutions that automatically save data, update security, monitor hotfixes, and upgrade patches. The solution also focuses on Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure, automation, and device management.

Running an organization requires handling multiple operations simultaneously, which can be challenging—this is where KiZAN steps in. KiZAN Technologies builds and maintains the core IT infrastructure through routine maintenance, ensuring an enterprise’s servers and IT needs are up-to-date, secure, and managed. KiZAN’s Core Infrastructure Managed Services improve a company’s ability to focus on priority tasks while ensuring the functioning of the rest.

KiZAN Technologies has assisted and supported various organizations spanning multiple sectors. Clutch, a top B2B company that connects businesses with service providers, ranked KiZAN Technologies as a leading IT strategy consultant and Microsoft partner in its 2022 research based on KiZAN’s services, solutions, customer-centered approach, and readily available helpdesk.