KochaSoft – Agile Cloud Migration and Solutions Partner

With the ever-evolving cloud computing technology landscape, an organization’s cloud competence gap has the potential to increase over time. Businesses require assistance in managing cloud technology with more agility, and they cannot afford to have their IT employees lacking in the cloud, SAP, and other important IT skillsets.

This is where KochaSoft steps in. KochaSoft is a worldwide leader in cloud automation services, analytics, and SAP digital transformation focused on the optimization of business technology in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

When it comes to digital transformation, KochaSoft is a vital, all-in-one cloud automation partner for businesses. KochaSoft is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve customers all over the world, with a specialized Google Cloud delivery center in Chile to service the LATAM region.

KochaSoft arrived in the LATAM market three years ago to strengthen its ties with Google. It began by focusing on providing operational support and customer care to its customers in the region and has subsequently shifted its focus to supplying Google Cloud solutions, increasing its productivity by tenfold in the previous two years.

“We expect to continue our growth within Latin America; we expect to open a second delivery hub in the region.

We are working hard to be one of the top three Google Partners for LATAM and we hope to become one in the coming years,” says Guillermo Wilson, Business Director, LATAM.

KochaSoft is a leader in the cloud and the optimization of SAP technology for enterprises. Its specialists have the hands-on knowledge required to deliver the appropriate training to employees in any firm. It has experienced SAP specialists who concentrate on the implementation of SAP technology’s critical foundations.

The testimonials of KochaSoft’s customers speak for themselves. It is proud of its 100% client retention record, and its customers are satisfied with the services offered to them as a result of active relationship development. Businesses invest their trust in KochaSoft to help their IT teams develop, and KochaSoft invests in retaining that trust by providing exceptional delivery and services.

KochaSoft provides end-to-end SAP services, including everything from setup, migration to application transformation, and continual enhancement of a company’s SAP systems. The trainers at KochaSoft are experts in both SAP and Google Cloud technologies. Customers will receive world-class GCP training as a result of its experiences with its clients and projects. KochaSoft teaches SAP and GCP best practices, as well as the latest Google Cloud technologies, to business personnel.

For any team to fully reap the benefits of all that the cloud has to offer, proper cloud training is required. KochaSoft has a track record of assisting IT professionals in achieving key cloud certifications. They have taught over a thousand IT workers throughout the world to improve their cloud skills. KochaSoft has also successfully conducted training programs for Google’s partners and clients all around the world.

The fact that KochaSoft operates in such a straightforward manner has earned it the trust of its clientele. Its clients are aware from the start that upselling accounts for 90% of its revenue, and that upselling is based on the trust it establishes with its clients and partners. It also has a non-lock-in contract with its clients because KochaSoft wants its customers to keep working with it for the outstanding service it provides, not because they are locked into a contract they don’t want.

Its expertise is in offering the appropriate cloud services and solutions, as well as implementing that knowledge throughout a network. Because of its state-of-the-art Solution Experience Center, KochaSoft is one of the most innovative cloud-training firms, allowing clients to leverage the complete spectrum of cloud technologies accessible today.

Its global team is ready to provide any company with the best cloud migration services available. A nimble approach, technical expertise, and customer-centricity are what will set it off to truly make a difference in the IT cloud-based industry.