Kofax – Intelligent Automation for Digital Workflow Transformation

Success in the business world has always been aided by technological improvements. The more forward an organization proceeds, the better opportunities it reaches. With passing time business complexities are growing, and of today, even the top leading companies in the world are in need of partnering with companies that can help them manage their complex functionalities and daily operations. Time management has become more crucial than it ever was, and this is where Robotic Process Automation comes into play.

Robot Process Automation (RPA) is the need of today’s business world. The use of software bots to automate repeatable and redundant rule-based human actions is becoming increasingly popular among the prospering business organizations of today. These software robots, which can mimic a worker’s actions and reproduce them on their own, are placed on a user’s machine or as standalone self-managed automation to attend to the end user. After the bot has completed its assigned tasks, it can report, notify, or pass the assignment to another bot, thus keeping the workflow ongoing and automated.

Kofax has emerged as one of the leading RPA players in the business. Innovation is at the core of Kofax’s values. The company’s vision is straightforward, as it aims to provide intelligent automation solutions to enterprises and enable them to streamline their business practices and workflows from the word go.

Kofax’s RPA solutions offer a wide range of benefits for businesses, including the ability to automate routine work and reallocate staff to high-value areas that require human creativity and Ingenious innovation. more complicated projects. To execute and automate workflows across high-value business processes, companies use the Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform to unleash the power of document intelligence, connect disparate systems, and orchestrate human and digital workers.

Kofax’s software products automate and extract information from unstructured data and reveal insights, use cognitive capture and artificial intelligence, to help streamline organizational operations. Transforming information-intensive business processes is what the company aims to deliver. To do so, Kofax works for the reduction of manual labor, errors, and expenses, resulting in increased customer engagement. To make implementations easier and produce significant results, they mix RPA, cognitive capture, process orchestration, mobility, engagement, and analytics. The organization helps in reducing compliance risk while increasing competitiveness, growth, and profitability.

Speaking of change, Kofax CEO Reynolds C. Bish said in an interview, “The reality is that these markets are constantly evolving and changing. If you just stay where you are, you’re going to perish. And it’s interesting you would say that because the whole concept of workflow is new again. If you go back maybe 15, 20 years ago, people used to talk about workflow. Then workflow disappeared and it was all about BPM. People have started talking about workflow again.”

Over 25,000 customers in financial services, insurance, government, healthcare, supply chain, business process outsourcing, and other industries use Kofax’s seamless product range. The company’s experience and expertise have earned them clientele in more than 60 countries across the Asia Pacific, Americas, and EMEA. With 25000+ customers, 850+ partners, and 1900+ employees spread across 31 Countries, Kofax is carving a new edge in the automated bot industry.

Big players like Goldman Sachs, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, VISA, Prudential, Aviva, to name a few, are among the users of Kofax’s products. The company also serves a range of government organizations, including the American Red Cross, Jordan Customs, U.S. Air Force, and more.

With Kofax’s palette of high-end software solutions, rules-based decision-making tasks can be implemented. This is made possible as Kofax’s RPA solution is paired with AI to produce intelligent process automation (IPA or IA), making the process more efficient and productive.