Komprise – Unstructured Data Management As A Service

As one of the leading intelligent data management companies, Komprise believes in reshaping the data landscape. Addressing the growing concern among companies regarding accumulated unstructured data and rising IT costs to buy storage space, Komprise is on a mission to make data harnessing more manageable. Komprise creates tools and solutions to ensure data management and customer satisfaction by understanding the value and importance of structured data.

Industry analysts predict 200 zettabytes of data storage by 2025, making it crucial for companies to collect, organize, and store data judicially and cost-effectively. Keeping its clients’ needs and concerns at the forefront, Komprise pooled its resources and expertise to create a data management and mobility SaaS platform to enable convenient storage across multiple platforms.

The data environment is susceptible to challenges that affect users and companies. Factors such as unprocessed data, complex cloud processes, cyberattacks, and data replication affect the data sphere. Enterprises also experience data lock-ins and disrupted user access when migrating or transferring data.

Komprise develops new and innovative solutions to combat these issues and make data usage more efficient. It strives to provide clients with products that create more storage, reduce backup costs, leverage data, and make cloud migration quicker. Komprise works with multiple sectors, including engineering & semiconductor, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, academia, media, oil & gas, and the public sector, and creates customized data solutions for them.

At the end of the day, if you build a sustainable business and your customers love you, the investors will support you. So, it is very important to focus on the customers above anyone else,” said Kumar Goswami, CEO of Komprise.

Launched in 2014, Komprise has years of experience and knowledge in navigating the data space. Komprise’s unstructured data analysis solution grants visibility across storage silos, making it easy to analyze multiple files within hours without moving them. Analyzing unstructured data also provides insights, such as data availability, type of data, user access, and data status, on files and objects stored in the cloud or on-premises.

Komprise’s data migration, tiering, and optimization solutions enable smart data migration, which includes knowing what data to migrate to the cloud and studying data across any Network Attached Storage server. This solution lets enterprises migrate files from any NFS, SMB, or S2 source to any file in the public or private cloud, on-premises, or cloud-to-cloud.

Cloud tiering and archiving allow companies to have uninterrupted data access to cold files, regardless of the platform, and retain the same access controls and controls for all data logs. With cloud optimization solutions, Komprise creates a single view across all cloud accounts, generates accurate data lifecycle results, and saves storage costs with an analytics-centered approach.

The company from Campbell, California, provides its clients across the globe with data and storage organization products. The company’s Intelligent Data Management product gives instant insight across NAS and Object data storage silos, identifies savings, and digitalizes cold data. This product simplifies complex processes, allowing clients to analyze, migrate, tier, archive, and manage data. The Transparent Move Technology (TMT) feature enables data configuration without stubs, agents, and interference.

With its Elastic Data Migration product, Komprise creates a system free of labor-intensive, interrupted, and slow data migration processes. Whether migrating to the cloud, cloud-to-cloud, or on-premises, Elastic Data Migration allows users to run, monitor, and handle multiple data migrations simultaneously and cost-effectively. Companies can migrate data 27 times faster than most cloud and storage operations, auto-parallelize performances, and minimize network usage.

Komprise uses its tools and services to give its clients a faster and more secure data system that maximizes storage space and cuts down backup costs. Pfizer, a renowned pharmaceutical company, was having issues with piling unstructured data. Without a solid platform to support its data demands, Pfizer needed a strategy to simplify data usage and organize five petabytes of unstructured data, 64% of which had not been used in over two years.

Komprise’s solutions and services enabled Pfizer to analyze data and tier cold files to AWS transparently while reducing data migration and data lake costs. Komprise assisted the pharmaceutical company in deciding which datasets to migrate and tier using data insights across NAS.