Kyndryl – The Heart of Progress™

The whole world now functions virtually, and the world online is more intricate than you think. For IT companies, a majority of their work often exists on the cloud. Considering how tech-oriented companies are today, there should be a way to safeguard their work and ensure that the company is working effortlessly across all departments. What is required is a central system, that enables companies to maximize their digital performance.

This idea is what gave birth to Kyndryl. The company, which recently became independent after being spun off of IBM IT infrastructure, strives to help companies and their customers a premium digital experience. “Kyndryl is a true IT services company with a customer-centered culture. Customers are our North Star. We help our customers design, manage and modernize the technology systems that the world depends on every day”, said Martin Schroeter, the Chairman, and CEO of Kyndryl.

Kyndryl believes in providing a holistic, comprehensive experience to its clients across various industries. Be it banking, healthcare, or media, their reach is widespread. Their services make use of hybrid cloud solutions, business resiliency, and network services which help in optimizing a company’s digital workload. Kyndryl truly believes in innovation and developing solutions that are cutting-edge and transformative.

“The true test of any company is what it can do for its people and its customers. Those priority areas were paramount as we designed Kyndryl’s structure, with three guiding principles — speed through simplification, effectiveness through integration, and innovation through agility”, Schroeter said, and this is truly reflected in the work that he does. Kyndryl focuses on creating a modern and highly advanced capacity-on-demand IT infrastructure for its clients that emphasizes cloud privacy and automation. They have prioritized creating six global practices, which will be services that allow customers to make the most out of their IT infrastructure. These are Applications, Data and AI, Cloud,  Security and Resiliency, Core Enterprise and zCloud, Network and Edge, and Digital Workplace.

The virtual world has advanced sporadically, but that doesn’t mean companies are in for a smooth ride. Security is a major cause of concern, with many companies afraid of cloud infiltration. Kyndryl works on developing a secured IT network for its clients, ensuring that their information and data are safeguarded and protected and can be easily recovered.

Kyndryl’s cloud services enable companies to seamlessly manage multi-cloud environments while breaking down complex IT functions into simplistic data. With enterprise resource planning, you can optimize your on-demand capacity planning and IT business needs, helping you plan your IT investments accordingly. A unique smart and security-rich digital workplace gives you access to a completely remote and secure virtual workplace that can work across all platforms. Kyndryl also makes networking easier on their hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure that is powered by 5G and cutting-edge software-defined networking.

Kyndryl has a lot more to offer. But despite all the services that they have to offer, what stands at the heart of the company is complete customer satisfaction. Schroeter proudly claims, “When you look at our customer base, we support the operations of more than 4,000 customers around the globe, including approximately 75% of the Fortune 100, more than half of the Fortune 500.” Kyndryl has had a huge impact on industries across the world. Their customers make 45% of the world’s passenger cars, they account for 50% of hypermarket retail sales, and manage nearly half of the world’s mobile collections. And their large banking customers represent over 60% of total assets managed.

Kyndryl employees take great pride in working with their customers to power their critical systems, which in turn powers the global digital economy. They do this through a super-strong portfolio of IT services that are now aligned across six global practice areas. These are contemporary services aimed at capturing the opportunity associated with customers’ digital transformations.