LabTech and Innovations: How Tech Changes Modern Laboratories

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Laboratories are the frontline of human progression in many ways, shapes and forms. Within the walls of these facilities are initiatives and determined people working towards achieving humankind’s most brilliant innovations.

Unbeknownst to many is that within the confines of labs, humanity develop new ideas and learn to handle the challenges faced by nature. Laboratories drive competitive advantage, boosting profit margins, livelihoods, and even help to save lives.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the laboratory, as it remains one of the most meticulous workplaces in the world.

Ironically, the laboratories of the world are experiencing stagnation. Although they are behind progress and advancement, the conditions and procedures inside many labs remain manual and prone to widening margins of human error.

LabTech is the Answer

LabTech, a term used to describe laboratory-centred technology, responds to the ever-pressing demands of the scientific-based environment. Among many cutting-edge innovations, it embraces the technologies of Industry 4.0, namely through the Internet of Things, to automate processes, digitise mass quantities of lab results and findings, ensure regulatory compliance, among other responsibilities.

In the case of laboratories: the greater the operations, the greater the stakes. Laboratories can be prone to significant hazards, or even settings for minor errors, where processing and data collection can have exponential consequences.

In this case, if this can be avoided, then that should be an organisation’s highest priority.

Companies and governments have accountability to their stakeholders, providing the highest quality results, and ensuring confidence in their processes. Therefore, it would be in their interest to opt for the highest possible quality of working environment available. With this in-mind, LabTech is the mechanical means towards an accountable, and safe future of lab work, that’s free from human error.

Innovations Through LIMS

LIMS, or Laboratory Information Management Systems, are software solutions encompassing all laboratory operations. As a flagship example of LabTech, LIMS helps lead the way forward, as an innovation, unlike any other.

The idea behind LabTech is that it offers complete automation and compilation of data which until now refers mainly to manual processes.

As LIMS is an automated system, scientists and lab workers will enjoy a higher quality of work, due to this transparent and accountable system.

Automation, and digitisation, however, is simply the tip of the iceberg and can be seen as only a half-measure, given the industry’s new opportunities. Human error comes down to repetitive tasks, and are in-effect, inevitable. Therefore, we must travel that extra distance.

Hands-Free LabTech

Because to ultimately reduce the manual, and tedious nature of data collection, we have combined the merits of LIMS, with hands-free and voice recognition, delivering an unparalleled technological platform of today.

Three years of close collaboration with Microsoft has enabled the likes of Microsoft HoloLens to apply Augmented and Mixed reality solutions, which when calibrated to specific environments, provide the user with crucial insights and information, enabling a world of convenience, in addition to being an essential safety notification measure.

It’s this sort of undertaking that helps scientists avoid hazards, procedural mistakes, as well as human errors. Combining the breakthrough Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™ software, with the most cutting-edge technology by Microsoft HoloLens, Holo4Labs has achieved a first in the scientific industry: a complete hands-free experience, designed to inform, alert, and optimise the workloads of scientists and lab workers.

The Power of Vision

The features within the Holo4Labs headset enable lab workers specimen measurements and analysis at crucial data collection moments when sample values are at their most fresh reading. These values record and superimpose over the headset’s lenses, providing instant and timely insight to workers.

The very idea is, of course, an honour to share with the public. Moreover, the enthusiasm is echoed across the industry, with Holo4Labs being the proud recipient of the Emerging Europe Award for Innovation 2019. The project was among thousands of entries, among other genuinely admirable innovations. It is an exceptionally proud moment, which has been covered by Bloomberg.

Lab innovation is in many ways one of the world’s most challenging adventures, as producers of solutions face a multitude of status-quo barriers.

Whether it be from a regulatory environment to the reluctance for innovation in a conservative industry, we have defied the trends, by implementing a change enjoyed by the broader scientific community.

LabTech such as that of Holo4Labs, combining HoloLens and Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™, is an innovation of immense value for the lab workers, the facilities, and the broader scientific community.

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