LabVantage – LIMS, Biobanking and Quality ELN

Modern genomics and bioanalytics continue to expand the multitude of possibilities that medicine offers. Laboratories are also enhancing their capability and productivity with software support such as laboratory information management system (LIMS) integration. This software can act as an additional member of the pathological team, keep track of all data from experiments, laboratory workflows, samples, and instruments, and automate the workflow.

Today, LIMS is constantly evolving to serve the requirements of laboratories. Of all the available LIMS platforms, Labvantage Solutions Inc. offers the most modern and inclusive services. It is tailor-made for enterprises of all sizes and even prepackaged for some industries like diagnostics, cancer research, biopharma/pharmaceutical, contract testing, oil & gas, food & beverage, and biobanking.

Modern LIMS allow great benefits of integration, from data retrieval to lab execution to sample lifecycle management. The best part of using this disruptive technology is, it is a code-free implementation, i.e., no coding is required to configure the system.

In the sample lifecycle stage, LIMS like Labvantage Solutions Inc. offers various out-of-the-box features like sample management, batch management, analytical quality control (AQC), consumables management, inventory management, stability management, environmental monitoring, request management, and scheduler.

The capabilities of LIMS diversify to enforce the best laboratory practices and ensure compliance to lab methods and standard operating procedures (SOP). Adherence to all the guidelines through this software reduces learning time and human errors. There are dashboards, a master data navigator, and a built-in search engine to view the data processed by laboratories. Advanced analytics and on-demand reporting, and data visualization tools are also available on the platform.

LIMS also captures and stores data from complex instruments to reduce data entry errors and increase automation. With the assurance of data security and auditing options, the framework of Labvantage Solutions Inc. stands apart from other LIMS, allowing great customization, collaboration, and easy integration with web services. Other features like automated issue tracking, configuration management and transfer (CMT), and work and resource planning (WAP) shorten the implementation cycles and improve the overall laboratory management. The simple data archival and retrieval features enhance formulation processes. Other crucial benefits of using LIMS include configuration choices, modularity, development, and expansion of workflows.

In addition to its medical suite, Labvantage Solutions Inc. also offers SaaS facilitates by providing their platform by subscriptions. This model eliminates all kinds of investment and infrastructure, simplifying budget management and retaining scalability, security, and flexibility. LabVantage Cloud is another facility that ensures its customers can access the LIMS platform from anywhere across the world. Labvantage Solutions Inc. can seamlessly interface with different enterprise systems and instruments, allowing more scope for digital transformation. These disruptive steps towards improving client efficiency and ushering in digital transformation are steering towards the future of laboratories.

The CEO of LabVantage Solutions Inc., Mikael Hagstroem, aptly mentioned, “Organizations that navigate disruptions better often succeed because they invest in their core customer segments and anticipate their behaviors. Despite the critical role of Big Data and AI in every aspect of the response, many organizations are putting their digital programs on hold. The digital transformation is at the epicenter of helping organizations with risk management and response.”

With affordable, high-quality implementations and local service teams assisting 1500 satisfied customers, Labvantage Solutions Inc. is revolutionizing laboratories, aligning them with IoT. It provides cutting-edge technology while following industry-leading project management processes and practices. As a company of experts dedicated to innovating, building, deploying, and servicing laboratory information management systems over four decades, it is undoubtedly one of the forerunners in experimenting and expanding the horizons of LIMS companies.