Leaders Speak | Know This HR Trend That Redefines The Recruitment Process

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Where is the talent acquisition world heading? Zero-Touch Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is gaining timely significance in the world of recruitment. It is a tool in the HR universe that can end the frustration experienced by job seekers and employers.

Zero Touch Applicant Tracking System (ATS) incorporates transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to manage various recruitment operations. It’s a computer software, which can be a vital tool to help you source a job or hire a candidate.

Human resources personnel in companies adopt Zero Touch ATS to boost efficiency during the recruitment process as it helps to streamline the recruiting and hiring of new talent. This technology carries out each and every assigned task on its own, along with storing vital information of job seekers like resumes, cover letters, and references at a centralized location which can be easily sourced by human resources.

Zero-Touch ATS helps companies to combat their operational costs by more than 20 percent. It has been reported companies that have implemented Zero-Touch ATS do not require numerous and confusing recruitment platforms. This not only reduces human efforts but also erases the need to visit physical locations.

Zero-Touch ATS shortens the rigorous hiring process resulting in saving precious time of the human resources. A decrease of 15 percent in time-to-fill was observed along with 75 percent decrease in unproductive time. Recruiters can use Zero-Touch ATS to generate job descriptions and thereby post job advertisements across multiple platforms. Organizations are able to manage talent pools within a custom workflow. An increase in efficiency is seen as companies are able to place more candidates.

Being an applicant data repository, Zero-Touch ATS is implemented to automate workflows and maintain compliance during the hiring and recruitment process. Further, adherence to laws and regulations is ensured during the process, in spite of minimal human intervention.

Zero-Touch ATS is a platform that allows real-time updates, excellent searchability, and the ability to find outstanding prospects, who are even located outside the country.

Businesses are able to integrate Zero-Touch ATS with other human resource tools, for instance, an ERP system, to manage the candidate journey, beginning from recruitment to retirement.

Case studies show that scaling accomplished by zero-touch ATS does not require an equal increase in costs. Efficiency increases are seen without an increase in costs. Ten percent more placements each month were reported by organizations.

Zero-touch ATS has been promoting diversity, improving candidate experience, and ensuring adherence to laws and regulations.

HR technology platforms hold significant potential to transform human resources functions spread across companies. However, issues with accuracy, empathy, prejudice, and creativity are expected to continue to be significant roadblocks with the usage of this innovative tool.

Despite such challenges and concerns, the adoption of Zero-Touch ATS has indeed redefined the recruitment process. Leveraging this technology can help achieve quality outcomes, which is driven by insights and intelligence. Human intervention is paving the way to intelligent automation.

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