LEVERAGE – Full-Service Integrator of Technology-Based Business Solutions

One of the leading CISCO solution providers, Leverage Information Systems (LEVERAGE) believes in making hybrid work more accessible. In today’s day and age, when operations are switching to remote work, Leverage Information Systems aims to transform the technological landscape to create an environment where remote working is effective and convenient.

Founded in 1984, LEVERAGE is on a mission to empower its clients using unique and advanced tools and technology. The company’s primary focus is designing a unified platform that enables accessibility anytime and anywhere and combats the various trends affecting the current work sphere. The onset of the global pandemic resulted in a sudden and urgent shift to online spaces. Companies released new working methods, built new business models, and made technological advancements to make the change smoother. However, moving their operations to a digital sphere made it challenging for them to return to an on-site office environment. LEVERAGE builds solutions that balance online and offline work and enables hybrid operations.

Even though a hybrid work approach has been in the making for years, with technological advancements like smartphones and cloud computing, LEVERAGE takes it up another notch with a platform that allows working and collaborating 24/7 from any location in the world. Another challenge companies face by not employing a hybrid work model is decreased employee retention and unsatisfactory results. LEVERAGE’s hybrid model allows employees to choose their preferred work mode, which keeps them happy, increases employee retention, and enhances productivity.

LEVERAGE has embraced a hybrid work model; our team members choose to work remotely or from the nearest corporate office where our experience is that productivity has increased for a majority of our team members. We serve as a model for how our customers can achieve the same success,” said Doug Chesler, President of Leverage Information Systems.

One of the most extensive challenges organizations experience is finding the right technology to invest in to meet their business goals, such as increasing financial gain, competitiveness, employee satisfaction, and expanding their consumer base. The Woodinville, Washington-based company emphasizes delivering a stellar customer experience. Its Customer Experience (CX) process manages its activities and operations to implement technology that makes the customer experience rewarding and reaches business goals.

LEVERAGE’s vision entails designing technology-based business approaches that help and assist its employees and clients. With its clientele across America and belonging to various industries, such as large commercial organizations, healthcare, education, state and local governments, and US Federal government agencies, LEVERAGE produces tools and services to meet their diverse requirements. Since every industry has its goals and needs, LEVERAGE develops customized solutions that cater to their challenges and requirements and ensures they invest in the right technology. Instead of prioritizing technological investments, LEVERAGE’s work model focuses on the business case and goals.

The company provides various hybrid work solutions to make remote work accessible, efficient, and convenient. With smart building solutions, real-time collaboration, zero trust security, full stack observability, and secure access everywhere, LEVERAGE provides visibility and control and increases safety. LEVERAGE’s solutions intend to make the customer experience profitable and help them attain company goals. The company spends its time and resources learning and understanding its client’s business needs to create solutions.

LEVERAGE’s tools and services have helped its clients and multiple organizations overcome their challenges and produce successful results. Leverage worked with a large US healthcare provider whose hospitals and clinics were rapidly expanding across the West Coast. The healthcare company’s original communication system consisted of interconnected Nortel PBXs installed at every large hospital. PRI circuits provided PSTN access to support IP phone networks and WAN connections. However, the PBX system was outdated, resulting in financial mismanagement and challenges with managing independent phone networks in hospitals and clinics.

Since every hospital had a PBX connection, the voicemail and circuit integration had to be handled independently. Additionally, the continuous expansion of the provider’s hospitals and clinics made maintaining and operating them difficult. Moreover, scheduling and billing — two fundamental healthcare system operations — stopped scaling due to the lack of a good and skilled team, decreasing the healthcare provider’s brand and value.

LEVERAGE provided support and services to help the healthcare provider manage the interconnected and individual hospital and clinic networks to conduct site surveys in new locations to identify hardware requirements and the necessary phone systems and call flows. In addition to site surveys, the provider also needed a PSTN solution to reduce service costs and site redundancy. LEVERAGE’s CISCO UC solutions, such as UCS BE7K networks, were implemented in the hospitals to support CISCO UC applications. One CallManager application was altered, de-clustered, and modified to support over 3,000 phone calls and provide a functional system in case of a WAN connection failure.

LEVERAGE also provided CISCO Unity Connection, IM and Presence, and CISCO Emergency Responder to host voicemails, client calls, and direct 911 call routing. CISCO Expressway servers supported remote Jabber workers, SIP URI video calls, and boosted WebEx meetings. LEVERAGE also provided a dedicated healthcare team to enhance each department’s communication and functional requirements, conduct site surveys, recognize hardware requirements, and handle paging systems. Additionally, LEVERAGE increased the provider’s value by utilizing their Quium applications to support phone requirements and simply customer experience regarding moves, adds, changes, and deletions (MACD).

LEVERAGE has over 30 years of experience in the industry and a highly qualified and dedicated team. The team comprises account managers, customer experience managers, customer service specialists, project managers, network engineers, and cabling technicians. They use their expertise and industry knowledge to design scalable and efficient hybrid work solutions.

LEVERAGE’s plans for the future include creating even better and more innovative solutions and investing in technology to grow the hybrid landscape. Having been in the industry since 1984, LEVERAGE has experienced significant organic growth. It has expanded its business from the East Coast to the Central United States and now across America.