Lifesize – Cloud Contact Center and Video Meeting Solutions

The covid-19 pandemic has made us realize that life is fragile and nothing in this world is permanent. It unveiled the ground reality of businesses that everything can work the same, even if employees operate from home.

For efficient functioning of businesses, data security and coordination between teams is necessary, which mandates clear communication and regular meetings. Although there are several video conferencing platforms available in the current times, nothing compares to the HD quality of Lifeszie’s video meetings alongside 100% secure cloud solutions.

Hybrid work is the new normal. However, the trick is to make it as lively as possible. Lifesize offers appropriate meeting solutions to energize employees whenever needed. Flexible conference rooms, customized board rooms, availability of a highly secure work environment while sitting in a living room, and seamless customer services are some of the perks offered by the company.

Nowadays, Interoperability is the need for maximum productivity. Lifesize offers Multi-Application Room Solution (MARS) the feature to integrate meeting rooms with other business-based platforms like Google workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, CRM platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Alexa. The unified room feature along with Lifesize Kapitivo Rooms offers a real-time content capture option for effective data collaboration.

All kinds of industries have different requirements. Healthcare requires a robust EHS system and flexible telecommunication; edtech needs easy learning aids with quick responsive features, whereas commercial businesses want secure cloud solutions that are legally approved. Lifesize has developed industry-specific solutions to leverage technology at its best.

The company facilitates virtual care via browser and mobile-based HD video solutions that are easily available and equipped with a lifesize admin console for superior control. Collaborative tools like whiteboards are similar to physical boards where contents can be shared without any special API or plugin. The 4k video solution with end-to-end encryption for data security, moderator controls, single-sign-on compatibility, legal compliance, and independent privacy certifications via AWS  ensure ironclad client services.

“Our contact center solutions will continue to deliver innovation by driving better customer engagement capabilities. With video being part of our core channel offering in addition to voice and digital channels, we allow businesses to benefit from a truly omnichannel offering,” says Trent Waterhouse, CEO of Lifesize.

Lifesize has revolutionized the culture of customer contact centers; it is no more limited to a simple call. With the AI-based engagement abilities of CxEngage and Digital Cx, customer support is directly available on omni channels, including both video and audio, alongside intelligent routing services, aiding businesses to build reliant customer relationships.

Today, personalization adds value to a product; Lifesize offers the right fit solution to its customers via customizations. The analytics and performance insights provided by Lifesize are the valuable inputs that a company incorporates in increasing a business’s market reach. The platform is equipped with real-time dashboards, automated tools for teaching, and gamification techniques to increase attention and rewards for accomplishing personal targets.

With the consistent up-gradation in technology, it is important to educate employees about them for maximum output. The Lifesize community has a dedicated educational platform named “Lifesize University ” with interactive video tutorials, virtual classes, e-learning courses, and user manuals.

The company was awarded the “Gartner Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management” in 2021 for its splendid contribution in revolutionizing hybrid work mode in pandemic times. The platform has been successful in gaining a huge customer base which includes some amazing brands like Sage, Hershey’s, Yale, Toyota, Deloitte, Pacific line, Disney, and HP.

Lifesize has been a blessing for businesses in the COVID-19 times as its outstanding video call features filled the gaps between work from office and home.