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Technological transformation has been unfolding at a staggering pace, with new tools, software, and applications embedding themselves into every industry. These innovations have not only made operations more efficient and faster but also reshaped workplaces by transforming communication, work management, and customer service. With business empowerment at the center of its mission, Linktera Robotics has paved the way for organizational growth by unlocking the full potential of robot process automation.

As a leading automation company, Linktera Robotics combines the power of robot process automation with artificial intelligence to design comprehensive and innovative solutions that help businesses automate repetitive tasks, streamline operations, and build a cost-effective model. Linktera Robotics’ state-of-the-art products and services have revolutionized the future of automation, assisting enterprises globally in achieving the highest levels of efficiency and performance.

What makes Linktera Robotics’ solutions unique is their customer-driven approach, tailored to the individual needs of each client. From automating back-office operations to supply chain management to enhancing customer experience, Linktera Robotics is spearheading the digital movement by delivering customized solutions across various segments, such as finance solutions, data management, human resources, information technology, and sales and marketing.

Linktera Robotics’ Linktera Automation Dashboard (LAD) is a modern platform that elevates the automation landscape by providing comprehensive content highlighting an organization’s process automation enhancements and the impact of automation on costs and labor. This platform allows companies to rapidly acquire valuable insights on workforce gain, robot utilization rates, return on automation investment, and process distribution among various departments supplied by automation.

Another revolutionary offering by Linktera is its Automated Disaster Relief Coordination with Social Listening solution. Powered by Linktera Robotics, UiPath, and SAS Analytics, this solution merges the power of new-age technologies like robotics, natural language processing, and advanced analytics to improve response efforts, save lives, and predict and mitigate future disasters.

As automation becomes a cornerstone for every business, Linktera Robotics’ harnesses the full potential of automation and digitalization, shaping the future of work. — Taskin Osman AKSOY, CEO

This automated disaster relief coordination solution supports real-time social listening by leveraging automation and advanced tools to monitor social media for real-time insights and track hashtags related to the incident. It also captures and processes relevant information and uses sentiment analysis on social media posts, providing extensive insights into the needs and situations of affected communities, which helps in resource mobilization.

Moreover, with its SAS-powered dashboard, this solution integrates the extracted data and sentiment analysis to create visualizations and analyses of the acquired data. Its alert generation feature generates alerts for urgent needs based on the analyzed data, which are then sent to coordination and rescue teams, improving communication and resource allocation and allowing them to respond promptly to critical situations.

Based in San Jose, California, Linktera Robotics has optimized the operations of organizations around the globe. The company’s portfolio spans industries and departments. The Human Resources department of one of Linktera Robotics’ clients had to confirm the health reports of employees and collect their temporary disability allowance. The HR team needed to conduct bi-monthly checkups, which became time-consuming; each task took two employees four hours to complete the processes. Furthermore, the department had to manually email candidates with negative news regarding job interviews, increasing overtime costs.

However, with Linktera Robotics’ assistance, the deployed UiPath robots accelerated the processing pace, completing them in the Health payment system. Moreover, the robots created reports regarding the bank’s collection of relevant information and automatically emailed the findings to the HR department. Linktera Robotics’ solutions automated the process by 80% and reduced the manual effort to two employees finishing the task within hours, saving 0,4 FTE monthly.