Litera – Reputation Matters

Litera is synonymous with being a global leader in providing legal teams with sophisticated technology to create, analyze, and manage their customer’s documents, cases, deals, and data. With an elegant blend of AI-powered legal technology, Litera has been a prodigy by providing collaboration, data management solutions, review, and analysis. It helps law firms and legal teams with usable and actionable data by working alongside them to function efficiently, competitively, and with precision.

With a working team of around a thousand employees, Litera specializes in document creation and optimization, removal of metadata for desktop as well as servers, transaction management, clause library, litigation management, and much more. They help acclimatize their clients to a decent legal workflow, creating collaborative authoring in legal workspaces and facilitating content comparisons across various platforms such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Solutions offered by Litera are broadly classified into three categories: drafting, workflow, and firm intelligence.

Drafting includes a lot of products such as Litera Desktop, Litera Create, and much more. The former claims to be the legal industry’s only unified solution that enables document drafting technology and it ensures streamlined workflow to create operational efficiencies for IT departments.

Did you know that firms report that more than 35% of their time spent is invested in non-billable work and drafting good content nearly takes up 5-9 hours given that their client sends the draft back for them to rework? Such a do-more-for-less reality is completely transformed by services offered by Litera Create enabling you to access the templates that matter and speeding up the creating process.

In modern times, businesses outsource certain aspects of internal management to other businesses to protect their client’s information, increase realization rates, and provide clients with an easy signing experience and real-time updates. Litera Transact offers management services for transactions to operate securely to boost profits for their customers. Litera’s Kira is an AI/ML-based due diligence solution that automatically highlights provisions to develop organized management and ensure a steady workflow.

Litera Litigate features case connections, a searchable database, all-inclusive witness profiles, and dynamic electronic binders to add structures and accelerate insights. While amendments to case details happen frequently, Litera Litigate helps you to stay connected throughout the case, thus modernizing traditional workflow models.

Knowledge is power. Litera Firm Intelligence helps clients access and make disparate data intelligible and convert it into an actionable form. Such streamlining operations help their client to make use of data collected by applications such as Experience Management, Expertise Location, and Strategic Relationship Management into a single platform called the Foundation Firm Intelligence Platform. Clocktimizer additionally helps law firms realize employee profiles that cover all the who, what, where, and how. This substantially improves internal processes and increases organization-wide profitability.

With these features, Litera offers a promising confluence to bring together benefits with laser-like precision by targeting marketing communication, locating and analyzing work with a high degree of relevance, making the review processes (citations, spacing, quotations, and numbering) quicker, and a providing a complete view of the customer’s life experiences to lower risks and detect opportunities.

“I am honored to have been selected as Litera’s next CEO. It is a privilege to be part of an organization that delivers innovative technology to over 96% of The Global 200 Law Firms. As the legal industry evolves, I believe Litera is in a position to transform the way legal teams and law firms use technology to drive digital transformation by delivering the best legal technology ecosystem.”, said Sheryl Hoskins, CEO of Litera, in the press release announcing her appointment. As Litera announces Sheryl Hoskins as its new CEO, it looks forward to more engaging times to help itself to grow along with its clients.