Litify – #1 Legal Practice Management Software

Founded in 2016, Litify built a way for legal professionals to run their businesses efficiently. It believes in empowering legal professionals by providing them with new and updated legal services. Litify devised a modern, cloud-based platform to make the legal industry more productive and leave the old, outdated technology behind. In a competitive industry, it strives to transform legal services through upgraded and top-grade software, technology, and customer service.

Managing hundreds of casefiles every day as a legal professional becomes a tedious and challenging task, and old technology’s reach becomes limited. Litify has designed a platform that digitizes and handles multiple case files simultaneously on a single platform. Unlike traditional technology, Litify brings solutions to the various problems in the legal industry such as legal time and billing, creating hybrid meetings, practice management, multi-factor authorization, and equipping legal technology.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, USA, Litify is one of the best legal tech solution providers. It streamlines and provides multiple products and services that facilitate and improve end-to-end management and a platform that oversees legal technology. Its mission is to offer insights and develop software to enhance companies’ legal performance. Litify’s software provides:

A platform to organize teamwork and save time, money, and resources by avoiding repetition and increasing productivity and offering the best legal solutions to its clients.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This tool allows a company to stay updated with a client’s requirements and access their data. With CRM, Litify ensures that both the company and clients have access to every data point, enabling a transparent, efficient, and healthy work environment. Additionally, CRM also creates new milestones and prioritizes communication with an important client using relevant data and automatic sync.

Matter Management helps companies scale their performance and processes, identifying risks and monitoring workflow. Matter plans allow clients and companies to manage their case files with caution and precision and monitor data entries, client interactions, and the history of each case file.

Document Management uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to digitize all files. OCR searches and drags-and-drops casefiles, monitors their structures and makes data and document management convenient without relying on manual paperwork. Litify’s software lets companies organize and customize each document, create different templates for better accessibility, and create a cloud-platform backup of all the data.

“We think of law practice management software as really a platform to manage your interactions with your clients, with your staff, with your partners, really with anybody in your ecosystem,” said Terence Dohrmann, Co-Founder and GM of Litify.

Document Generation or Docrio offers a solution to document-based problems. It curates a digital space with a better user interface, a user-friendly design and easier accessibility by using a user’s digital experience. Litify provides various templates to create and organize routine documents such as agreements. It saves companies the time and energy spent manually editing, uploading, and downloading files.

Email Management offers a user-friendly and well-integrated inbox that allows clients and companies to find and access emails and schedule and attend meetings efficiently. The Litify inbox uses smart suggestions to create emails, save relevant documents and automatically save all communications, current or future, in email threads. It allows companies to integrate and synchronize Outlook and Litify contacts, calendars, and mails.

Timekeeping and Billing have made the billing process transparent and accessible, preventing miscommunication. Litify’s software enables finance controlling through a built-in timer, invoice templates, dashboards that offer real-time report entries, and customizable system settings. Litify makes it convenient to import, export, and organize time entries and billing information.

The Intake Management tool offers a standardized and seamless way to include clients in the legal processes of a law firm. With this feature, the staff and legal team can create personalized questionnaires that give them step-by-step instructions about casefiles and allots them the correct cases.

With its legal technology, Litify offers solutions to problems regarding general practice, corporate legal, insurance providers, insurance defence, social security disability, immigration, and government.