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Technological innovations have transformed today’s world. However, as technology advances, it also leaves modern businesses susceptible to various cyber, financial, and legal risks, affecting the company’s brand and value. LogicGate brings a centralized risk management solution that allows enterprises to collaborate, scale, automate, and adapt to evolving market trends to take the plunge and take risks safely and confidently.

Every business has its individual needs, requirements, and goals—LogicGate understands this. LogicGate’s GRC platform converts risk management into strategic risk investment by creating customized strategies. Instead of designing a universal or standard solution, LogicGate used its knowledge and expertise to generate risk programs catered to an enterprise’s business model and objectives for optimizing GRC processes and workflows.

LogicGate’s solutions span multiple industries. They mold themselves according to a specific sector’s requirements and use cases. The company builds innovative solutions for every industry, from FinTech, banking, insurance, and pharmaceuticals to healthcare, utilities, telecom, and investment services.

LogicGate predicts different GRC risks and designs plans to eliminate them. The Chicago-based company offers ten solutions—cyber risk and controls compliance, enterprise risk management, third-party risk management, controls compliance, policy management, regulatory compliance, data privacy, operational resiliency, internal audit, and environmental, social and governance—and merges them on a single location, Risk Cloud®.

Everything is focused on the customer. We take care of the customer; ultimately, they’re gonna take care of us, and ultimately, LogicGate’s going to be a huge success. — Matt Kunkel, CEO of LogicGate.

Instead of delivering each solution separately, LogicGate believes in integration and centralized platforms for better accessibility and navigation. With LogicGate’s Risk Cloud® platform, enterprises can break silos to improve communication, connect systems, and reduce redundancy.

The Risk Cloud® platform integrates, automates, and scales risk management programs by providing better visibility into business risks. It merges all risk and compliance management processes into a connected ecosystem, saving time and increasing tech investment ROI. This medium integrates daily-use technology to handle crucial GRC tasks. LogicGate enables native integrations, risk cloud connectors, and custom risk cloud connectors and opens RESTful APIs to integrate third-party applications with Risk Cloud to keep businesses synchronized.

LogicGate’s Risk Cloud® platform also ensures security by protecting data, overseeing data privacy and compliance, continuous monitoring and incident response, and offering better visibility. LogicGate designs its systems for labeling all customer information as critical and adds data protection plugs, such as encryption at rest and in transit, fine-grained access controls, and authentication, around the data uploaded into the Risk Cloud®.

The company also supports cloud-hosted services and three-tier architecture by separating Risk Cloud® into web, application, and data layers with tighter access. In addition to cloud services, encryption, authentication, and three-tier architecture, the LogicGate Risk Cloud® enables customer and partner interfaces through a secure RESTful API.

LogicGate’s platform constantly monitors operational performance, availability, and security events, such as unusual and regular external network interactions, platform behavior abnormalities, and changes in internal user behavior. It also aligns security controls with various privacy and compliance needs, allowing companies to manage their data and meet compliance

requirements effectively and securely.

Moreover, LogicGate regularly updates the platform’s operational processes, runs background checks, offers security awareness training, and enables secure third-party access to meet evolving compliance and certification objectives.

LogicGate has an extensive portfolio of designing customized solutions and extending them to small, medium, and established enterprises worldwide. A leading US dental plan association that offers dental benefits wanted a more robust risk program, internal audit process, and a more mature and collaborative GRC program to identify, capture, and eliminate risks.

With LogicGate’s help and using LogicGate’s GRC platform, the client could receive real-time and integrated insights on risks, allowing them to proactively manage existing and emerging risks cost-effectively, quickly, and safely.