LogicManager – Enterprise Risk Management Software

Emerging technologies make modern businesses more efficient and effective. However, they also enable a transparent ecosystem, resulting in companies looking for risk management programs. As a top GRC solution provider, LogicManager equips its clients with robust risk management solutions that improve and boost an organization’s risk management processes.

Companies require various risk management programs, from enterprise risk management and regulatory compliance management to financial controls and business continuity management. LogicManager’s software lets organizations centralize risk management programs on a single medium while streamlining processes using various automated tools for risk identification, reporting, and elimination.

What makes LogicManager stand apart is its customer-first approach. Instead of designing a ‘one shoe fits all’ solution, LogicManager’s team of experts and risk management consultants study unique business insights to curate customized strategies. Every enterprise has individual needs—LogicManager caters to every requirement, helping companies deliver optimum results and meet business objectives.

Governance is one of the three core components determining an enterprise’s framework. A company’s internal and external operations depend on its governance abilities. The weaker the governance, the more prone the business is to succumbing to risks. LogicManager single-handedly combats the issue of poor control by implementing and maintaining healthy governance strategies using its GRC expertise.

Risks can be an organization’s downfall or big break; the outcome depends on risk management processes. Risk management programs allow companies to prepare for any result by predicting different possibilities. Companies often take significant risks without considering business continuity, damaging business operations. LogicManager’s GRC software helps companies make informed and confident decisions by preparing them for all outcomes.

Every enterprise must abide by ethical protocols or regulatory compliance. However, regulatory guidelines vary according to a company’s business model, goals, and industry. If neglected, organizations risk violating compliance rules, harming their reputation. LogicManager ensures its clients run their businesses according to compliance guidelines.

LogicManager is the first risk management software built by practitioners for practitioners. We focused on a risk-based view for helping all governance areas. — Steven Minsky, CEO

LogicManager’s GRC software puts a flexible spin on governance, risk, and compliance processes by enhancing risk management. The GRC platform comprises unique solutions for accelerating business growth through risk management strategies. LogicManager uses world-class, cutting-edge, and user-friendly technology to generate risk management solutions for all organizations, regardless of size or sector.

The LogicManager software uses visual and intuitive enterprise GRC dashboards and real-time data to improve business performance. Its user-friendly home screen allows users to create unique profiles, giving them access to essential files and information.

Furthermore, LogicManager’s software enables customizable workflows, which lets users send automated tasks to decision-makers in the planning stages. These customized workflows allow users to monitor ongoing processes and responsibilities using to-do lists. The software also features custom profile and visibility rules for configuring GRC form input fields, depending on unique scenarios. This feature filters irrelevant information and only generates relevant data, helping users track crucial documents and preventing unauthorized access to confidential files.

With its automated assurance tool, LogicManager’s GRC software connects failed controls with their respective risks, instantly generating risk-level reports. Real-time risk awareness enables companies to improve controls proactively. This platform’s integration hub allows seamless, no-code connection with over fifty third-party applications to synchronize data and update information on available auditors.

LogicManager has offered its services to global SMEs and established enterprises. A leading mutual insurance company contacted LogicManager after experiencing challenges due to poor risk management. The company aired concerns about wasting time and resources on spreadsheets to generate and send risk assessments, leaving no time to add critical elements into simple reports for management.

LogicManager assisted the mutual insurance firm by designing a solution to monitor document gaps, automate risk management processes, and convert crucial reports into easily comprehensible reports. With LogicManager’s help, the client could streamline risk assessment processes, prioritize resource allocation, and generate concise reports using updated, real-time data.