Logile – The Logic of Retail. One Platform for store planning, scheduling and execution

Planning, scheduling, and execution carry the retail business. Logile’s singular mission is to deliver innovative solutions and ongoing partnerships that position clients to achieve operational excellence and their strategic objectives. In the simplest terms, Logile seeks to provide retail labor planning, workforce management, inventory management, and store execution solutions, combining best-practices consulting with planning and execution software that enables retailers to maximize efficiency, customer service, employee satisfaction, and profitability.

Logile’s goal to take forecasting to new heights was recently seen in the launch of its new complimentary Forecasting Pilot program available to all retailers. As the industry’s most powerful, accurate AI and ML-driven metric forecasting through a fully automated self-serve platform, this helps retailers attain the best possible forecasting accuracy.

We are confident retailers will be intrigued and delighted when they compare our automated forecast results with their actuals and legacy forecasts. — Purna Mishra, Founder and CEO. Their mission is to help retailers thrive with the best available tools, and this pilot should provide a window into what’s possible. Logile’s enterprise forecasting solution introduces many additional features that bring even more precision to the game.

Now more than ever, accurately forecasting demand and labor requirements is critical to retailers’ success in navigating economic and market volatility, controlling labor costs, and preserving service levels. Logile’s system allows you to experience the accuracy of forecasts with your own data, with complete privacy, access control, and security. So far, satisfied users describe the power of the Logile Forecasting Platform as the most accurate and intelligent forecasting platform available today in the industry.

Clients often find brand strategies tricky while finding their place in the field. The brand is what makes a business unique and defines its value proposition. Starting from the facility, product assortment, marketing identity, and service strategies, the strategy gains clarity as you translate those definitions into how you staff, plan, and merchandise your stores.

Unless you have the right people in the right place at the right time doing the right things in the right way—as defined in your best methods and labor standards, your strategy will never yield the expected results. The Logile ecosystem of labor solutions enables clients to manage each process component and deliver their brand consistently across big enterprises and wide geographies.

Operational excellence is not easy to obtain, especially in the retail world. Logile can deliver your complete, customizable roadmap to operational excellence. By managing inventory and optimizing labor, which is your largest controllable expense, with automated store planning, workforce management, inventory management, and execution solutions, the Logile Advantage cannot be taken lightly. The team’s unique fusion of innovative technology and cutting-edge services is designed and proven for real-world retail.

The relentless pursuit of delivering 100% customer satisfaction has led Logile to be #1 overall for customer satisfaction and performance, with twelve additional number-one placements across the 2023 RIS News Software LeaderBoard, RIS’ annual retail customer satisfaction survey. Logile also placed #8 on the overall Top 20 best retail industry technology providers and is the only dedicated workforce management solution vendor to appear on this coveted list.

Logile’s top placements on such charts are impressive indications of the organization’s commitment and ability to deliver the solutions and support retailers need for ongoing success in an ever-changing industry. Ever since the retailers named Logile as a favorite for the first time, Logile’s planning, WFM, and execution portfolio have grown significantly, now leveraging a unified single-store forecast to provide additional solutions for inventory management, including perpetual inventory, production planning, fresh item management, recipe management, and computer-assisted ordering.