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It’s no secret that the logistics industry involves complex processes that help businesses and individuals acquire, store, and transport resources and goods. Hence, companies that provide logistics and shipping services must ensure a high degree of coordination throughout the entire lifecycle of the process, both on a regional and global scale.

Logitude World is a budding pioneer in this space, making it easier for freight forwarders with its proprietary SaaS solution. Its state-of-the-art freight forwarding software helps freight forwarders manage the demand for e-commerce through planning, shipping, and logistics. Its solutions have been designed to bring together the best technology offers when it comes to scalability, security, functionality, and customer convenience.

The company’s mission of revolutionizing traditional freight forwarding processes to ensure collaboration efficiency is made possible through a proficient and dedicated team that has years of combined experience in international trade and logistics. Committed to helping freight companies become the best versions of themselves, Logitude World has representatives worldwide, including North Africa, North America, and Benelux.

Collaboration in a cloud environment gives your business the ability to communicate and share more easily outside of the traditional methods,” says Ihab Eben Faraj, founder, Logitude World. In tandem with this mission statement, the company introduced the concept of ‘shared logistics’, to empower freight forwarders to share information instantly with clients.

Regardless of the business sector, size, and market share, Logitude World’s SaaS interface helps businesses make changes to maximize productivity. Its cloud-based logistics software can be personalized, and extras can be added along the way as the business scales up to meet its future goals. Hence, freight forwarding companies that have Logitude World by their side can operate with a bigger stock size without impacting the coordination between its various verticals and inventory.

With its suite of brilliant solutions, it also helps its clients to share shipment information electronically with their agents or international officers to orchestrate communication and coordination. Although highly advanced, Logitude World’s cloud solutions are accessible and easy to use, helping customers maximize productivity and operational efficiency on a global scale. Its vision is to aid customers in generating more sales and strengthening their relationships through better service to their clients and partners.

The benefits offered by Logitude World’s full freight forwarding solution are five-fold. With its freight forwarding management feature, companies can manage freight from end to end through email templates, notifications to customers, dashboards, and documents, among other business tools. The stellar SaaS platform also features mobile access for customers, CRM tools, shared logistics, and a customizable system to go beyond the needful.

Clients can manage their payments and receivables process and generate detailed reports on estimated and actual costs and profits for shipments in consolidations through the platform’s costs and profit or loss analysis feature.

In addition, businesses can create invoices for their clients using any currency or language, as well as forward the invoices directly to them while tracking payments, thanks to the invoicing and collection feature. With the cargo and shipment quotes feature, Logitude World enables clients to offer their customers adjusted quotes for freights that are effortlessly turned into active shipments so that they have the latest consignment rates.

Finally, as part of the company’s IATA (International Air Transport Association) initiative, its forwarding software includes e-AWB (electronic airway bill) software capability to reduce costs, go paperless, and improve business productivity.

Logitude World’s premier solution is accessible, cost-effective, and, most importantly, easy to integrate into existing freight forwarding workflows. Companies of all sizes can reap the benefits its SaaS platform has to offer and gain a competitive advantage, thus, demonstrating the brilliance of Logitude World.