Lunavi – Technology Consulting & Managed Services

Even though all organizations strive for desirable outcomes, what sets them apart is their individual and personalized business approach. From IT infrastructure to application development, every company has different needs. With this in mind, Lunavi serves as a leading Microsoft partner and provides proper end-to-end infrastructure and modern technology solutions to empower its clients and Microsoft users.

As a trusted Microsoft partner, Lunavi develops solutions to ensure continuous improvement, software development, and simplifying complex cloud environments. Technology has come a long way. However, some companies and users still need help with primary and complex IT functions due to a lack of proper tools and technologies. Lunavi offers world-class assistance, from cloud solutions and managed services to integrated software implementation and proprietary delivery guidance for long-term success.

One of the foremost requirements of running a successful business is enabling an empowered workplace culture. Equipping teams with the tools to work and collaborate remotely improves performance. Lunavi enhances modern productivity through Microsoft applications, remote virtual desktops, and cloud solutions.

Lunavi’s Microsoft 365 solution provides organizations with a single login that works across all departments. It enables seamless communication, allows collaborations, and lets companies migrate to cloud-based platforms securely and efficiently. It plans and executes complex transfers, monitors data security and backup, and provides 24/7 customer support for managed environments. Microsoft 365’s security assessment allows enterprises to review potential security threats. It also supports built-in analytics that enable administrators to tap into 365 information and discover behavioral metrics within the company.

Microsoft 365 also mitigates security risks by alerting against account breaches, monitoring data loss, identifying insider attacks, and countering phishing and whaling. It creates automatic backups in case of data compromise or deletion, prevents password cracking, and generates secure score reports. This tool completes security analysis that identifies potential vulnerabilities and trace sources and manages complete inventories of the current 365 configurations.

Serving as one of only 85 Microsoft Azure Expert MSP partners worldwide, combined with our managed services and blue-ribbon digital consulting capabilities, we are in a unique position to assist customers in the transformation of their IT and digital platforms,” said Sam Galeotos, CEO and Chairman of Lunavi.

Lunavi Azure Virtual Desktop architects and deploys the migration and testing of an organization’s virtual devices. It allows users to log in to their desktops from any device for better productivity and flexibility. Its simplified desktop management enables scalability and controls the entire virtualized environment from a single Azure platform. AVD includes multi-session enhancements for Microsoft 365 and Office applications for increased performance and migrating Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Hyper-V, Citrix, or VMware environment to Azure.

Lunavi-managed virtual desktop services have 24/7 backup and customer support to solve technical problems, access controls, configure desktop images, deploy and scale infrastructure, monitor ongoing processes, and protect data. The built-in PaaS features enable intelligent security and identity management to make administration more accessible. Additionally, this tool reduces licensing and administrative costs, improves collaboration, provides flexible deployment options, simplifies desktop management, and offers laaS and serverless solutions.

With its Endpoint Management solution, Lunavi enables unified endpoint control over corporate-managed devices across cloud, on-premises, and distributed mediums. It allows companies to simplify and automate patch compliance and configure systems. Its all-in-one mobility with Microsoft Endpoint Manager includes Configuration Manager and Intune tools. In addition, the Legacy SCCM and System Center Operations Manager upgrade and automate processes.

Windows 10 is integral to performing modern-day IT functions and building a robust infrastructure. Lunavi’s Windows 10 Desktop Modernization reduces the total cost of ownership through automation and centralized management. It provisions new desktops and sets effective policies to lower staff expenses. This solution improves security by constantly updating official Microsoft support and replacing outdated protection kits with the latest ones.

Lunavi’s Windows 10 Desktop Modernization also helps enterprises meet business demands. If an organization struggles with limited resources, it slows its progress; Lunavi’s solution solves this problem. Legacy IT systems often require scalable and reliable technologies to modernize and update desktop services. Lunavi secures data and makes it accessible to help employees collaborate, work remotely, and migrate servers and applications to a modern platform.

Lunavi has partnered with Microsoft and provided combined services to various clients worldwide. A Fortune 500 sales organization wanted to record user performance and behavior to increase sales. It used Lunavi Workplace Analytics to identify top performers’ patterns and encourage the rest of the company to follow that approach for better returns and results.