Madison Logic – Account-Based Marketing Platform Solutions

The times have changed, and so has the way businesses interact with their consumers. Traditional marketing has taken a step back to allow for the introduction of a new face to the business. Although not all old marketing methods have vanished, marketing experts are increasingly relying on digital techniques. The internet has opened up a completely new market. Digital marketing has become the standard for a successful business, and if you are not using it, your company will stagnate.

Businesses have understood that they may benefit from digital marketing in a variety of ways. It has the potential to increase visibility and revenue. This is where Madison Logic is driving an industrial transformation.

“Madison Logic provides advanced account prioritization using proprietary data signals, multi-channel activation, comprehensive measurement, and integrations with major CRM/MAP solutions,” says Tom O’Regan, CEO at Madison Logic.

Today, despite mass-level transformations and innovations, the majority of the world of B2B marketing is fragmented and complicated. Madison Logic shortens sales cycles and improves ROI by prioritizing and utilizing unique data signals, multi-channel activation, extensive measurement, and connections with leading CRM/MAP systems.

The company projects that its mission is to transform B2B marketing by assisting brands in bringing sales and marketing together. Such a goal is achieved through integrated buyer insights and Journey Acceleration, ensuring that every engagement is relevant.

In this regard, it is worth noting what Journey Acceleration is. Journey Acceleration is a complete ABM approach that guarantees in-market accounts receive the most relevant message and content. This particular framework allows brands to engage with accounts across numerous channels and make changes based on in-depth performance data to shorten the sales cycle. Volume and speed are important considerations when we talk about effective digital marketing. With Journey Acceleration, companies can now increase the number of sales opportunities and accelerate the speed with which target accounts move through the sales cycle.

Madison Logic’s product offerings leverage the world’s most comprehensive B2B data and account intelligence to help its clients locate, prioritize, and engage global buying committees.

But how does Madison Logic achieve so much on behalf of brands? The solution is complex, yet simple, i.e. through the syndication of ABM content. The organization has a network of selected media partners that can help brands promote their best content to target accounts all around the world.

Madison Logic helps its clients to leverage their valuable tools to strategically engage with prospects and shorten their conversion path with data-driven, cross-device advertising across the web, apps, social media, and more.

Additionally, the company also offers premium social media marketing tactics. Simply put, Madison Logic uses its LinkedIn connection to improve ads, see how accounts engage, and automatically give information to its clients’ sales teams.

In digital marketing, accuracy plays an instrumental role in the success of any given campaign. And Madison Logic understands the crucial aspects related to marketing automation. Hence, it offers customized solutions that enable brands to integrate their CRM and marketing automation platforms with machine learning platforms for the most accurate account segmentation and pipeline acceleration.

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, only those who dare to continue learning are the ones to stay active in the race. Madison Logic understands the importance of constant progress. Hence, it emphasizes on the education and progress of its manpower, right from the top down through the newest recruit. The company is constantly looking for new trends, technologies, and strategies that can help the organization enhance its operations and provide more value to its clients.

Madison Logic’s commitment to excellence can be gauged from the fact that the company recently secured its second G2 award.

The G2 awards are based on genuine client and industry peer feedback. They represent the rising trust and reputation that Madison Logic has earned, thanks to its commitment to developing industry-leading ABM software solutions.

Indeed, Madison Logic knows how to transform an industry. More importantly, the company knows how to innovate.