Magaya – Logistics Management Software

As a leading logistics solution provider, Magaya Corporation believes in empowering companies with growth, optimized operations, and excellent customer experiences. The present delivery management service relies on digital tools for gains and efficiency. Magaya’s digital and cloud-based solutions equip enterprises with flexible and accessible tools.

Magaya’s solutions cater to all businesses regardless of the organization or industry. With customized services, Magaya accelerates development with its interoperable and integrated platform. Every company has personal objectives, and Magaya enables organizations to streamline complex processes, boost performance, reduce costs, and create exceptional user journeys.

Magaya’s customer-centric approach emphasizes the need for unique and innovative technology and professional services. The company extends advanced services, including professional assistance, customer support, cloud, networking, and insurance, to multiple industrial areas, such as freight forwarding, 3PL, NVOCC, warehouse, courier, and customs brokerage.

Launched in 2001, Magaya Corporation possesses decades of knowledge and experience. With logistics automation experts on its team, Magaya is on a mission to unlock limitless growth and potential. What started as a simple freight forwarders software has now evolved into cargo, warehouse management, e-commerce, and exporters.

The work we’re doing at Magaya to bring more automation, digitization, and intelligence to logistics service providers is so crucial in keeping up with modern demands and setting a solid technology foundation for growth,” said Gary Nemmers, CEO of Magaya Corporation.

Organizations want to provide their customers with a branded and interactive digital experience—and Magaya Digital Freight Portal offers that. The Digital Freight Portal digitizes the complete customer experience.

This hands-on, easy-to-navigate platform streamlines processes, improves performance, increases profits, and reduces operational and delivery costs. Magaya Digital Freight Portal gives modern users full transparency, control, and delivery updates.

Magaya’s Digital Freight platform improves cost-of-sales by allowing customers to enter quotations online. Whether spot or contract rates, the portal instantly converts quotes into bookings. This platform also gives customers 360° visibility, shipment tracking and visibility, and payments linked to Magaya Supply Chain’s invoice.

Supply chain visibility is an integral component of digital deliveries. Magaya Supply Chain seamlessly exchanges real-time data and centralizes logistics operations, such as freight quotation creation, completing custom documentation, handling warehouse management, and managing last-mile logistics. The Shipping & Freight Forwarding feature generates bookings, pickup orders, warehouse receipts, and shipments from quotes and uses PO Management to enable automatic PO conversion.

The Magaya Supply Chain network allows organizations to join electronic network forwarders and agents worldwide, expanding their business. Its customizable system caters to specific needs and enables built-in reporting. The Magaya Ecosystem combines Magaya Supply Chain with desktop and mobile apps to centralize operations.

With Magaya’s Rate Management solution, companies can organize and optimize freight rate processes with a single control tower. The control tower searches and compares rates, manages margins, fills tariffs, creates accurate quotes, and responds to RFQs.

The Digital Contract Exchange feature is a built-in tool for the quick and seamless transfer of rate data between ocean carriers and freight shippers. It is compatible with container tracking and provides rates directly into the system from integrated partners across land, sea, and air modes.

Magaya CRM equips sales teams with sales management visibility. Sales teams can manage leads, contacts, and accounts on a single platform supporting quotes and customer interactions. The single portal removes silos and helps companies grow their business through marketing campaign management.

CRM supports KPI reporting and dashboards, customer and prospect management, pipeline and forecast management, quote history and automation, campaign management, and opportunity analysis.

The Miami, Florida-based company works with clients across the globe. One of its clients, FTC, a full-service logistics enterprise, faced disruption during the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed operations, resulting in overflowing customer claims and poor software and hardware performance.

Magaya used its Dimensioner tool to create an accurate system for receiving and processing shipments. With the help of Dimensioner, Magaya recorded weights and measurements instantly, resolving customer disputes.

Magaya also used its LiveTrack app, allowing customers to track their shipments 24/7 with complete visibility and control. Finally, Magaya’s Binder solution enabled taking photos of cargo, packages, and barcode labels directly from the smartphone, letting customers view them using LiveTrack.