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Of the top logistics and supply chain companies in 2023, Magaya deserves extra credit for outstanding innovation and integrity incorporated into service. They offer expert professional services through adaptive and flexible solutions for numerous partners and consumers in the market. The expansion of Magaya’s services into insurance and cloud also has made a positive impact on the supply chain ecosystem curated so far.

From being an industry dependent on spreadsheets and old-school grit, supply chain companies have risen to the challenges posed by the pandemic and become more resilient, modern, ethical, and sustainable in nature. Magaya takes collaboration between customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders seriously, making the company a popular and sustainable choice.

It’s a thrilling time to be in the supply chain space. Demands and pressures on logistics service providers are greater than ever, but we’re also at an inflection point where technology is enabling new heights of speed and productivity. The work we’re doing at Magaya to bring more automation, digitization, and intelligence to logistics service providers is so crucial in keeping up with modern demands and setting a solid technology foundation for growth. — Gary R. Nemmers, CEO

Founded in 2001, Magaya has a comprehensive suite of solutions that have proven to be more critical than ever in an increasingly dynamic global trade environment with the recent global pandemic, geo-political uncertainty, and economic challenges. Considering this and the stress that consumers undergo in such uncertain situations, supply chain stakeholders are turning to digital and software solutions to become more adaptable, agile, and resilient to remain competitive.

Delivering robust functionality to more than 1,700 freight forwarders, 3PL providers, NVOCCs, warehouse managers, and courier companies, Magaya sets the bar high for others in logistics and supply chain automation. The Magaya Supply Chain solution, along with the apps and extensions that the company provides, makes up an ecosystem that is so powerful. It seamlessly streamlines the complex processes involved, boosts productivity, lowers costs, and generates revenue unlike ever before.

If automation, acceleration, and growth are the goals, then Magaya has a reputation for being the best assistant. The Magaya Digital Freight Platform is meant for growth and the best customer experience while at it. The platform consists of Magaya Supply Chain, Magaya Customs Compliance, Magaya Rate Management, the Magaya Digital Freight Portal, Magaya CRM, and a collection of solutions. They can be used together as an integrated logistics software platform or with your existing solution suite independently. With an option to choose the combination that works best for each business, the company places great value on customer satisfaction.

Owing to this, CEO Gary Nemmers was named a winner of Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2022 Pros to Know Award. Ensuring customers’ success through highly innovative solutions and a comprehensive array of related professional services, Magaya has always prided itself on its people, experts in the field of logistics automation, willing to go the extra mile for the customers. In the last two decades, the company has created a stand-out product offering that is valued and relied upon by more than 2,300 customers across the globe.

There is no easy way for the logistics and supply chain automation industry to stay relevant in 2023 and beyond without a drastic digital transformation. Since the market is down and the competition is higher than ever, supply chain solutions need to have the best tricks to optimize performance, reduce costs and time, and enhance customer experience. Magaya has cracked the code to this and therefore, they keep rising above the others.