Marlabs- Digital Transformation Consulting & IT Services Company

Data analytics has become an irreplaceable tool in driving businesses towards success. With access to all forms of data, companies can leverage insights to develop strategies and ensure enhanced organizational performance. As one of the leading innovative data analytics companies, Marlabs focuses on designing digital solutions that are built on robust data foundations.

Marlabs, with over two decades of experience, has always been at the forefront of innovation. The recent acquisition of Onebridge, a leading provider of data consulting services, has further enhanced its capabilities, transforming the company into a data-first organization equipped with the right data skills, processes, and technology to help businesses utilize data to its maximum potential. Its automation, cloud, and custom application solutions power companies with data-driven outcomes, not only positioning Marlabs as an industry benchmark for data analytics but also as a frontrunner in data-based digital transformation.

In a market saturated with data and analytics services, Marlabs sets itself apart as a promising and reliable data consulting and transformation partner for businesses in the life sciences, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing industries. As a market leader, Marlabs designs customized solutions across the enterprise value chain, with focus now on GenAI to deliver more intelligent, collaborative services.

As data and technology integration becomes necessary, organizations face challenges, such as mounting technological debt, escalating operational costs, and the need for better customer experiences. Marlabs empowers businesses, leading them to become digitally agile organizations. This transformation catapults them to the forefront of the technology curve, optimizes costs, ensures proper resource allocation, and enhances customer experience, inspiring and motivating them to embrace digital transformation.

“At Marlabs, we help our clients become future-ready by being dynamic, agile, and nimble from a technology, people, and process lens. We help customers cope with change, be resilient, and be ahead of their competition curve with digital and data at the center.” — Thomas Collins, CEO

The foundation for all Data-driven solutions is powered by its Modern Analytics Platform (MAP). This platform creates a roadmap for organizations to achieve their goals through reliable, effective, data-driven intelligence to unlock the best business results and value. MAP is a streamlined solution that includes a comprehensive assessment, COMPASS, which modifies the MAP framework per unique needs and situations and serves as a strategy, execution, and enablement guide throughout partnerships.

Marlabs helps customers navigate their complex technology journey by offering design, advisory, and consulting services, providing tailored solutions for businesses navigating the digital landscape. Most solution conversations start with a design-thinking workshop, where Marlabs’ experts assist the client in understanding their digital needs and build a network of professionals, technologies, and processes that are best suited to deliver on their objectives.

With over 27 years of experience in the digital solutions sphere, Marlabs has helped global enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, and emerging startups in their digital journey. The company’s Automation Center of Excellence for one of the largest life sciences companies attests to its role in assisting organizations in the industry to improve their tech debt. Marlabs is also building a similar AI Center of Excellence for one of its long serving clients to help them govern and streamline all automation projects within the organization.