Marquardt – Experts in interactive mechatronics

Marquardt is a global powerhouse – a trusted expert in manufacturing interactive, smart solutions and systems for a wide range of customers and industries. With over 95 years of experience, Marquardt has supplied major industries, worldwide, with electro-mechanical switches, controls and wireless communication systems. The company has over 20 locations around the globe, including a U.S. manufacturing headquarters located in Upstate New York and sales hub in Michigan’s Metro Detroit area.

Over the decades, Marquardt has evolved from a manufacturer of simple rocker switches to a leading developer of complex systems and human machine interfaces. The company is an expert in the field of mechatronics, which is the intelligent combination of electronics, mechanics, and software. And today, the Tier-1 supplier has drawn upon its extensive experience in the automotive industry to become a new leader in e-mobility solutions, paving the way towards an electrifying future.

Leading the Way in Automotive Technology

As a trendsetter in the automotive industry, Marquardt developed the first driving authorization system with an electronic key and ignition start switch over 25 years ago. This set a new standard in vehicle entry technology and anti-theft protection. This success established Marquardt as a key supplier of innovative, safe, and reliable products to the auto industry – currently providing major OEMs with components like smart displays and touch screens, shifters, capacitive switches, steering wheel switches, and central control panels.

Supporting OEMs with E-Mobility Solutions

Nearly 10 years ago when automotive OEMs started seeking support for e-mobility solutions, Marquardt knew it could use its expertise developing safe electronics, solid switching components, and intelligent modules that communicate within a vehicle. The company created an entire business segment focused on battery technology solutions. Marquardt’s robust “Power and Energy Systems” portfolio currently includes Battery Management Systems, Fuel Cell Control Systems, Integrated Power Solutions and Charging Systems, supporting all electric and hybrid vehicle applications.

The Marquardt Battery Management System

In an electric car, the battery is the “heart” of the vehicle. However, despite high performance, lithium-ion batteries have potential to react very sensitively to misuse and extreme weather conditions. Marquardt has developed a solution to support the long-term, safe and efficient use of these battery cells.

Marquardt’s Battery Management System (BMS) continuously analyzes the battery condition. The system uses on-board diagnostics to identify faults and reports the “findings” to the vehicle’s control unit.

“This Battery Management System is a series of interconnected solutions that we can think of as the ‘brain’ or the interface between the battery and the application. There are plenty of players in those two areas (battery and application), but what we do is provide the connection and interface between the two,” says Axel Boehme, President of Marquardt U.S.

“Our position as an automotive supplier known for the safety and reliability of our products made our entry into the e-mobility space a no-brainer. But it doesn’t end there- our Battery Management System applications extend beyond automobiles- including boats, motor homes, power tools and gardening equipment too.”

Marquardt’s BMS ensures that no safety-critical conditions arise, and will switch off the battery in the event of an emergency. In addition, the BMS continuously analyzes the battery’s state of charge and “state of health,” thus providing the key data needed for optimal charging and a long service life.

Within the Marquardt BMS, the High Voltage Sensor is a key component and a crucial safety feature that is worth mentioning on its own.  The HV sensor measures and reports voltage quickly and accurately – allowing the system to respond immediately in cases of over-voltage or fault. The sensor includes a proprietary algorithm developed by software specialists, created to ensure exceptional accuracy.

Interactive Charging Socket and Inlet System

Marquardt also provides smart charging solutions for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The Marquardt Inlet System is a charging inlet for various e-vehicles, allowing for fast, safe, and secure charging for low and high voltage applications. It works together with an Interactive Charging Socket, which is an intelligent socket that integrates electronics, illumination and multifunctional HMI (human-machine interface). The interactive charging socket contains features like charging indicator lights, and a cover which can be opened or closed with a push of a button.

(Marquardt’s Interactive Charging Socket)

E-Lock – Safe and Secure Charging Solution

Marquardt has designed a new locking system to make charging electric vehicles safer, and more dependable. The compact Marquardt E-Lock is a smart charging plug lock that can be easily integrated into any charging plug, from electric cars, trucks and buses, to charging stations. The versatile charging plug lock secures the EV plug from being accidently unplugged, which could potentially damage the system. It also protects against theft of the charging cable.

What’s Next for Marquardt?

Marquardt places a high priority on innovation. The company invests heavily into research and development, and it is clear these investments are paying off: about half of all Marquardt products are just five years old or less. In fact, 105 new patents and industrial property rights were achieved in 2021 alone.

Regarding Marquardt’s e-mobility portfolio, in the near-future the company plans to introduce two other components that will improve charging capabilities for plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles: onboard chargers, and DC-DC converters. These will combine power electronics and communication, for integration into the vehicle as a single component, allowing AC charging without the use of external components.

When asked about Marquardt’s future as an e-mobility technology supplier, Axel Boehme says “We at Marquardt are extremely excited to be helping pave the way for the mobility revolution. We have the expertise, experience, and most importantly the passion to energize the future.”