Mastery Logistics System – A comprehensive cloud-based TMS

To drive all the operating functions onto a solitary cloud-based TMS by empowering select shippers, logistics, and carriers to prosper in intricacy, adhering to the features of flexibility, control, visibility, and efficiency.

In today’s world, the supply chain is usually not well connected and hence forces intervention of manpower to cater to expected results. With a myriad of tools and workstreams, unguaranteed labor and IT costs, inaccuracy, and surplus abound, it is an immensely challenging task to manage operational activities of business units. For over four decades, the industry has been adjusting with patchwork tools built for unique jobs. However, the complexity prevailed.

This is where Mastery Logistics Systems carves a niche. MasterMindTM, the first globally lovable TMS for its stability, size, efficiency, speed, and automation across and within the functional areas, is brought by the Mastery Logistics Systems to help carriers, shippers, and various logistics companies to thrive in complexity. Mastery enables the users to work smarter, quicker, and more effectively than ever before.

In the modern era of logistics, the distinction between carriers, shippers, and brokers are entirely masked. Irrespective of the role the establishment plays, MasterMind brings all services under a single roof of a cloud-based SaaS solution delivered system with absolute AI/BI assistance and connectivity to a data warehouse, internal and external mobile and web apps.

“Mastery helps us arrive at a point of better utilization across our entire supply chain,” says Jeff silver, CEO, Mastery Logistics Systems.

Mastery is much more than just brokerage software. It was the dream child of Jeff Silver whose highly sophisticated technology systems have motorized some prevalent logistics companies in North America in the past four decades. The software was brought to the Launchpad by a team of logistics and software experts under the eminent guidance of Jeff Silver.

MasterMind is fabricated by an elegant team of logistic professionals. It is known for its exceptional visibility and control over the complexity that is the factual reality of the world of the supply chain.

MasterMind is the best choice for aspirants who want to thrive with the system they love. It offers a single system with all tools integrated. It stands out as the first cloud-based TMS for brokers, shippers, and carriers to support all their business divisions and functions from one place with outstanding visibility, resource optimization, and validated efficiency.

Mastery provides unparalleled service for the business units, workstreams, and supply chains. Across the business streams, it manages your transportation operations all at one spot. It also checks the connectivity of business units, locations, and workers as all of these work under a unified system to manage transportation across all geographies and modes. Through the workstreams, it brings departmental and operational functions into one system. It also keeps a track of connectivity of planning, pricing, execution of plans, quality, visibility, and compliance as ever before. Concerned with the supply chain, the software connects with your suppliers, customers, and vendors to share control, automation, and visibility. It drives value and efficiency throughout your network.

Besides being one of the top innovative logistics solution providers, Mastery is also humanitarian. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital being its philanthropic partner, is under progressive research work to explore and understand how to treat and overcome childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

On the whole, Mastery is a culture of engineers, designers, artists, academicians, and athletes. The system’s diverse thinking, supply chain expertise, and highly crafted design have enabled it to shine under the limelight at all times. This masterful mosaic of eminent people highly specialized in their fields is rigidly composed of entities from different interests, backgrounds, and talents. It has set a remarkable milestone with the project of the World’s first lovable TMS.