Matillion – The Data Productivity Cloud

As a leading data integration company, Matillion understands the importance of data and the complexities surrounding data utilization. Given the volume of incoming data, businesses require the space to handle it. Matillion ensures its clients have the essential data management tools to process data cost-effectively and increase scalability.

The shift from offline to online modes has been in motion for many years, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this migration. However, due to the urgency of the matter, companies needed more integral tools for a seamless cloud movement. Matillion acknowledges the need for efficient tools for all work modes: on-premises, cloud, and hybrid—and designs innovative solutions and technologies to empower the data integration landscape.

Matillion equips data companies with tested and effective cloud tools comprising all the elements required to use data swiftly and to its full potential. The data integration company ensures its products store the entire data, build a robust data warehouse, and seamlessly transfer data into the cloud warehouse to make it usable for analytics. Matillion’s solutions simplify complex data analytics, integration, transformation, lakes, preparation, governance, and enterprises and SMBs.

Matillion not only offers solutions but also designs and delivers technologies supporting them. Matillion brings a fundamental change from on-premises to cloud migration with its Cloud Data Warehouse, making business management and data processing easier. Cloud Data Warehouse is compatible with Snowflake, improving data automation, loading, and transformation. This tool allows organizations to leverage the cloud’s massive parallel processing (MPP) features to accelerate data processing.

Companies can also use Cloud Data Warehouse with Amazon Redshift, as it enables smooth cloud migration and continually loads data, making it always available and accessible. Furthermore, this Matillion product allows firms to use Amazon Redshift features, such as data partitioning, external schema setup, and Amazon S3 components.

Built for Google BigQuery, Matillion Cloud Data Warehouse lets organizations quickly load and transform data within BigQuery. This tool also visually demonstrates uninterrupted data workflow with transactions, decisions, and loops while working with other Google services, including Pub/Sub and Data Studio.

Organizations use Matillion Cloud Data Warehouse for Azure Synapse to query data across various servers, on-premises, and cloud along with other Microsoft sources, such as Azure Blob and Azure Data Lake, for impressive data transformations, enabling advanced use cases like machine learning with formatted and validated data.

We have reinvented data transformation in the cloud era – as the only provider enabling true data transformation in the cloud. Our team is quite proud to provide simplicity, scalability, speed, and savings for hundreds of enterprises worldwide, and we look forward to continuing to support companies’ progression on their data journey,” said Matthew Scullion, CEO of Matillion Ltd.

Matillion ELT (Extract-Load-Transform) processes data from the source, loads it uncharged into a target platform, and transforms it through cloud energy. Matillion ELT’s design is compatible with the cloud and combats ELT legacy challenges, such as complexity, cost-inefficiency, and low speed. This tool gives quick access to data and improves flexibility by transforming data when the users are ready. It also increases scalability, reduces overhead charges, and accelerates data modifications in the cloud data warehouse using infinite cloud resources.

As a top data integration company, Matillion supports a detailed list of pre-built data source connectors and a Create Your Own Connector framework to build custom connectors to any REST API source system. This makes data ingestion secure and quick. Matillion’s Universal Connector framework creates custom data connectors in minutes without prior coding skills to leverage virtual data for modern analytics and equip the entire time with secure and connected datasets.

Matillion has helped organizations worldwide in better data management and integration. One of Matillion’s clients, Leocare, wanted a modern data stack to receive new insights into activities and customers and use data efficiently to keep up with the company’s growth. Leocare used Matillion ETL to load data into Snowflake’s data cloud before using Tableau for data visualization. As a result, Matillion’s data stack, Leocare improved its data quality, produced KPIs 90% faster, and reduced manual data management.