Matterport – Capture, share, and collaborate the built world in immersive 3D

The digital twin technology has taken over the industry as one of the state-of-the-art emerging technologies. As the leading spatial data company and one of the best digital twin leaders, Matterport has perfected the art of this revolution and is on a mission to empower businesses and sectors clamoring to digitize and index their operations. Through its unique approach and all-in-one 3D data platform, Matterport offers an effective solution to turn a space into an immersive digital twin to enhance the client experience and use the twin model to design, operate, and get insights into any space.

Putting its own spin on the digital twin landscape, Matterport empowers its clients to maximize their efficiencies. The company’s 3D data platform helps enterprises across multiple industries, from architecture, insurance and restoration, and residential and commercial real estate to hospitality, manufacturing, and facilities management, unleash the full potential of an area at every stage of its lifecycle.

Matterport has created a technological marvel that creates immersive 3D digital twins using a variety of camera options, including one that allows capturing images from the pocket. As the world rapidly moves towards a remote- and hybrid-centered future, Matterport has taken this trend in stride by enabling remote access and sharing of digital twin models, regardless of the location, time, or device. Not only does it allow remote sharing of digital assets, but the Matterport 3D platform also fosters collaborations with teams, vendors, and stakeholders, offering an efficient and cost-effective solution at the fingertips

In this era of building a customer-oriented industry, Matterport’s platform reinvents the idea of guided tours and tags. Brand storytelling is the key to ensuring a personalized experience, and Matterport has mastered creating an immersive, guided experience through captions to narrate the story behind a space. In addition to the tags drawing viewers’ attention to what interests them, the platform also allows users to tailor the data shared with different groups by organizing and displaying it in a unique, customized way according to each audience.

Matterport views safety and security as the utmost priority. Therefore, keeping privacy at the forefront, the company has integrated a feature on its 3D platform that trims and blurs sensitive content, removing secure places from the digital twin. Thus, the platform protects privacy and creates a more authentic customer touring experience. Furthermore, the platform allows customers to measure a space virtually by enabling them to picture a product in their physical surroundings through their desktop or smartphone, eliminating the need for site visits.

Artificial intelligence has seeped into every nook and corner of every sector, uplifting enterprises with modern tools. Matterport incorporates AI into its digital twin models to transform the creation and animation of 3D spaces. With its robust and proprietary AI analysis tools, Matterport assesses and scales properties or portfolios to generate insights tailored to individual business needs, such as answering questions about buildings, like concerns regarding property accessibility or condition, enhancing business operations, and improving customer experience.

Matterport’s sharing and collaborative services also extend to sharing Matterport data with third-party applications through MatterPak Bundle and e57 File. This software transmits point cloud, OBJ files, high-resolution floor plans, and reflexed ceiling plan views into 3D Max, ReCap, Revit, or AutoCAD with a MatterPak bundle. The Matterport e57 file also supports end-to-end automated creation and registration for a high-density point cloud extracted from a Matterport digital twin.

Matterport can give you building intelligence not only on an individual space, but we can give you that answer across thousands of spaces in a two-second Google-like search. — RJ Pittman, CEO

Matterport has become a game-changer in the digital twin space by revolutionizing traditional RFI processes with synchronized Matterport digital twin RFIs. This innovative technology empowers users to create and track RFIs with visual records of site conditions, allowing them to identify and resolve issues promptly. Furthermore, this platform enables an Autodesk RFI pin to be placed at the exact area of the problem, giving any project stakeholder access to view the RFI within the same site, expediting coordinates and eliminating misunderstandings.

Where the MatterPak Bundle and e57 File enable sharing data with third-party applications, Matterport BIM files and The AutoDesk Revit™ integration open channels to build and share as-built files with third-party applications and equipping companies with the tool to order complete as-builts by merely clicking a button.

Virtual Reality and 3D spaces go hand-in-hand; at its core, VR is the driving force behind immersive 3D experiences. Matterport allows users to explore thousands of real-world places in VR with Meta Quest headsets. A VR-driven platform provides customers with an engaging virtual experience of digital twin models and gives them direct access to Matterport Digital Twins in Meta Quest 2 and Pro.

Matterport stands out because of its all-encompassing 3D platform that builds designs with an in-house CAD file add-on, simplifying CAD workflows. This service eliminates tedious manual work, allowing teams to prioritize business operations and deliver promising results. Moreover, the process of generating high-quality Matterport CAD files is quick and seamless, streamlining the workflow to automatically create and upload CAD files in days, whether the models have been manually built or outsourced.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Matterport’s services extend to companies across the globe, ensuring customers worldwide have support and assistance. One of Matterport’s clients, a North Texas-based restoration company that helps residents and businesses recover from natural disasters, wanted to shift away from scoping projects by sending technicians to photograph and measure homes. Instead, the company wanted a 3D process to reduce the time spent on on-site visits, ensure prompt action, immediately determine the scale of the damage, and file a claim to accelerate property restoration.

With Matterport’s 3D technology, the restoration company transformed its workflow and reduced the need for multiple site visits to document 2D photographs and manually scale and measure the property. Matterport’s 3D capture recorded every project, beginning with the initial stage of the pre-mitigation scan.

The client company also leveraged Matterport’s services to capture damaged spaces with the Matterport Pro2 camera, upload the scans to Matterport Cloud, and use the 3D model to analyze the damage and scope the work. Moreover, beyond tagging, the company continues to use Matterport Cloud to automate the drafting of floor plan sketches, reference 3D measurements, and export files for Exactamate—everything directly from a 3D model.