MealSuite – Food Service Management Software

More often than not, those in the foodservice sector feel overwhelmed by changing client demands and costly health requirements. Everyone knows that offering delicious, safe, and fresh food is crucial to developing a brand and keeping a profit, whether it’s a tiny cafe, farmer’s market, or a huge restaurant chain.

Today, the ownership of a food organization necessitates the implementation of food-management practices in order to comply with state and federal requirements. Indeed, it is crucial to have a good service management system to meet food safety regulations. This is where MealSuite comes into action.

MealSuite is a fully integrated, end-to-end dietary, inventory, food production, kitchen management, and point-of-sale solution. The organization’s mission is to implement food service technology to revolutionize the continuum of care. MealSuite’s foodservice management system enables care facilities to streamline their operations and improve the mealtime experience for their patients, residents, and employees.

One thing that the company has been clear about right since its inception is that its platform, MealSuite is more than simply software. In fact, the company treats its offering as a partner to its clientele. A group of healthcare experts, dietitians, and industry thought leaders come together under the common roof of MealSuite. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life for healthcare and senior living communities via individualized care and meals.

The organization’s mission has always been to empower foodservice professionals by removing stress and administrative responsibilities from their to-do lists, allowing them to focus on offering reimagined meal experiences. The company has served across 2000 towns across the North American continent with breakthrough foodservice management software backed by its unrivaled support team.

MealSuite was founded on a foundation of trust, ethics, and, most importantly, a customer-focused philosophy. The organization claims to do everything with a genuine desire to see the care business prosper for the sake of patients and residents. The company has been transforming the foodservice industry by creating satisfying eating experiences with tailored menus and easy customization.

The company ensures that its clients have to manage less administrative work by providing them more efficiencies and time to spend with patients and residents. In short, the organization ensures the streamlining of the entire operation cycle of its clients. The menu items prepared by MealSuite’s in-house team of dietitians are widely used for therapeutic and texture-modified diets.

MealSuite CEO Sean Rowe made it his aim to create an all-in-one ecosystem of software and technology to assist the continuum of care in achieving a whole new level of foodservice excellence. Sean’s top aim has been to help offer more smiles through a better dining experience while minimizing waste and unnecessary administrative duties since the beginning. Today, MealSuite technology assists foodservice operators in serving over 394 million meals each year.

Rowe admitted on LinkedIn about his intentions. He wrote, “As a serial entrepreneur in the technology space, I believe in the power of innovative solutions – and passionate people behind them – to make a positive impact and serve important needs. That’s why as the hands-on CEO & Managing Director of CloudStorm Ventures (MealSuite’s parent company), my focus is investing in and building niche industry software applications that can make a true difference for users, and the communities around them.

An effective food safety management system can aid in the management of food safety procedures and the mitigation of any issues that may develop. Using a straightforward system like MealSuite guarantees standards are met and laws are followed. Thanks to MealSuite, businesses can finally get rid of excel sheets and handwritten notes and focus more on what they do the best; serving the community.