Mendix- Low-Code Application Development Platform

The low-code development landscape is transforming. Businesses from all areas of the market are gravitating towards the game-changing potential of low-code platforms. In this evolving market, Mendix has emerged as one of the fastest-growing low-code development companies, enabling organizations across the globe to reinvent their application development processes with leading-edge technologies.

Mendix is a pioneer in the digitalization wave, forging a path for seamless collaboration and communication between business and IT groups with the help of Mendix, its low-code application development platform. The eponymous platform is the only low-code platform built on model-driven development fundamentals in the development sphere. From creating data models to data integration, developers leveraging Mendix can simplify complex tasks.

With cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, this advanced platform designs and delivers smart applications that provide intelligent, personalized, and proactive user experiences. Furthermore, this AI-driven platform with virtual co-developer bots streamlines processes and is the first low-code application platform (LCAP) that supports embedded machine learning models.

Keeping in line with the AI trends that govern the current low-code development landscape, Mendix offers three specialized bots, MxAssist Logic Bot, MxAssist Best Practice Bot, and MxAssist Data Validation Bot, that oversee all critical operations, from identifying and resolving system issues to automating tasks and suggesting changes. Mendix’s ML Kit also implements AI models into smart applications without relying on third-party hosted services, allowing enterprises to deliver state-of-the-art ML-powered smart applications.

As one of the leading low-code development companies, all applications created by Mendix are cloud-native, enabling developers to deploy and scale from any medium, on-premises, public or private cloud, or even hybrid platforms. This flexibility allows developers to auto-provision and auto-heal and benefit from low infrastructure overhead, CI/CD support, and cloud interoperability. This modern, cross-platform offering also supports designing offline-first native mobile applications, PWAs, and responsive web applications to ensure consistent and engaging multi-channel user experience.

In addition to advanced cloud-native capabilities, Mendix also ensures intelligent process automation. This platform modernizes operations and guarantees flexible processes and workflows tailored to the user’s preferred speed and scale. Along with providing teams the ability to visually add complex business logic to processes without writing code, this platform also enables developers to build and extend fully functional workflow applications and integrate with any system.

The digitalization of any enterprise requires agility, speed, and access to best-in-class technology across all participating departments in an organization. Mendix is definitely a key component to this as the leader in enterprise low-code. — Raymond Kok, CEO

In today’s competitive business environment, every industry requires advanced software capabilities to stay ahead of the curve. On a mission to bridge the gap between businesses and technologies, Mendix assists organizations of any size or industry in harnessing the power of innovative technologies to achieve their goals.

One of Mendix’s clients, a leader in the automotive industry, wanted to modernize its software development ecosystem by integrating tools, such as 3D and 4D visualization, connected CAD (computer-aided design) and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) functions, and engaging user interfaces to streamline product development, manufacturing, and delivery across the supply chain. However, the client faced challenges, such as outdated legacy systems, difficulties connecting SAP and ERP tools, and complex infrastructure requirements, hindering its ability to enhance its software capabilities.

With Mendix’s help, the company could begin its low-code journey by using the Mendix platform for tasks like managing datasets safely and securely. The client could also automate system designs for vehicles like jet engines, significantly improving product development, time scales, performance, and efficiency. In addition to enhanced product lifecycle management, Mendix also facilitated seamless internal and external collaboration, allowing the client to reach the desired speed and scale while ensuring regulatory compliance.