Meta Unveils AI Powerhouse To Give Businesses A Creative Boost In Advertising

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On May 8, Meta introduced advanced generative AI capabilities for advertisers, including comprehensive image and text generation to support business expansion. The initiative aims to assist advertisers throughout their journey, from enhancing ad effectiveness through the development of creative variations to automating aspects of the ad creation process.

Meta revealed that businesses can now produce entire image variations based on their original advertising content, equipped with text overlays. This enhancement builds upon previous features that allowed for the generation of new backgrounds for product images and the adaptation of images to suit various display formats.

About Functionality

For example, a business selling coffee beans can utilize Meta’s generative AI to generate different background variations for an ad showcasing a savory cup of coffee. This could include scenes like a lush, idyllic farm, while also offering the capability to tweak the coffee cup for enhanced creative options.

This feature has already begun rolling out, and over the next few months, businesses will be able to use text prompts to further customize these creative variations.

Moreover, companies can now add text overlays to images, selecting from a dozen popular font types to better align with their brand identity.

Finally, the image expansion feature, which enables businesses to effortlessly adapt creative assets to various aspect ratios for different platforms, is now available on Reels and Feed on both Instagram and Facebook. This feature also integrates smoothly with text overlays on advertisements.

Text Generation

The text generation tool not only varies the main text but also the headlines of ads. Meta is in the process of evaluating how effectively this generated text can echo the distinct voice and tone of a brand, focusing on prominent selling points derived from previous campaigns and textual input.

This update is a response to feedback from advertisers who requested a wider array of text suggestions that more closely align with their brand identity and critical selling points.

In the near future, this capability will be enhanced with Meta Llama 3, the upcoming iteration of Meta’s advanced language models, aimed at introducing new functionalities and improving advertisement effectiveness.

Meta has started implementing these enhanced generative AI features and plans to make them globally accessible by year-end.

Integrating Generative AI Features

These enhanced generative AI tools—along with Meta’s existing creative solutions—are now accessible in Ads Manager via Advantage+ Creative. This integration supports businesses throughout their entire ad campaign creation process. By consolidating all generative AI tools in one central location, businesses can experience the combined benefits of automation and generative AI, leading to quicker ad creation and improved performance.

Additionally, Meta has recently upgraded several of its Meta Advantage products, including Advantage+ creative optimizations and Advantage+ catalogue ads, available for business use.

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