MetricStream – GRC | Governance, Risk and Compliance Software Solutions

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) is the underpinning for guaranteed business continuity and resilience. MetricStream’s connected GRC helps companies in weathering the next inevitable storm. It has risen to the foreground as a strategic priority for countering any risks and ensuring compliance within organizations.

MetricStream believes that risks can be a motivator for a company’s growth. It brings its clients an integrated GRC program with AI-powered solutions that can be used across the extended enterprise. It sees implementing a GRC strategy as a journey it takes with its clients rather than a destination to be reached.

With its three product lines: BusinessGRC, CyberGRC, and ESGRC, it provides a unified, scalable platform to its clients that supports them wherever they are on their compliance journey. Their solutions enable any business to turn adversity into inter-company agility and resilience.

MetricStream’s core values are growth, collaboration, and disruption. It helps its clients and partners to develop simply by allowing them to make risk-aware decisions. It is passionate about and committed to serving its customers the tools they need to transform its risks into a strategic advantage.

“We empower our customers and partners to push the boundaries of what they thought was possible. We are committed to delivering market-leading solutions that move beyond resilience to thrive on risk,” says Mr. Bruce Dahlgren, CEO of MetricStream.

The platform works in such a way that its clients and partners are able to see it as an extension of themselves. This is because MetricStream recognizes that it is stronger when it collaborates with its clients, and it values the distinct and diverse viewpoints that each client brings to its products and solutions.

With MetricStream’s BusinessGRC, clients can manage, coordinate and track multiple governances, risk, and compliance activities throughout their company. Risk, compliance, audit, and third-party management become more linked, intuitive, and comprehensive with BusinessGRC. These products’ features allow businesses to break down organizational barriers and improve cooperation and harmonization across teams, business units, and departments.

BusinessGRC is built to satisfy the GRC demands of today’s dynamic, global organizations and its extended ecosystem. It actively supports mobility, AI-powered capabilities, sophisticated risk analytics, and customized regulatory notifications for the client.

With the help of MetricStream’s services, companies can gain integrated, contextual, and predictive insights on risk and compliance in order to make better, faster decisions. Clients can also establish a thorough, enterprise-level IT and cyber risk compliance management strategy, which can then help build confidence with the board and regulators. MetricStream guarantees that its clients will drive ecologically and socially responsible products and services, as well as improved governance processes, for their long-term growth.

MetricStream is proud to be a recognized leader by several industry analysts. It was awarded as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Vendor Risk Management Tools and IT Risk Management. It was also awarded for being a Leader in Chartis Research GRC Solutions, 2021, Market Update, and Vendor Landscape.

MetricStream’s primary objective is to motivate businesses to convert their risks into a competitive advantage. It constantly strengthens its clients’ stability and assists them in their long-term goals. It stands ready to embark on a bold adventure while laying a robust GRC foundation that encourages clients to prosper in the face of digital, cyber, supplier, enterprise, security, and health and safety risks.

MetricStream is one of the very few companies that combine strong domain experience across GRC key areas with its comprehensive product lines, allowing clients to make swift, consistent judgments in all areas. Its solutions are inclusive and meant for customers from every industry. The platform has been used by clients from the banking, energy, healthcare, insurance, life sciences, technology, telecom, and utility sectors.

MetricStream desires to assist its clients in using the power they don’t even know they have. Despite the onslaught of supply chain interruptions, changing regulations and compliance laws, and new, increasing risks due to the WFH model, MetricStream enables businesses to harness risk as fuel to catalysize and accelerate responsible growth.