Metz Culinary Management – Building on our Legacy

Food is the key to every consumer’s heart, regardless of the industry. As an innovative food service management company, Metz Culinary Management aims to provide nutritious, fresh, and delicious food items to various sectors, from business to education, to help them deliver optimum guest experiences. Culinary management is vital to an organization’s brand and consumer response. Metz Culinary Management creates memorable food experiences by extending its services to food service providers and hospitality sectors.

Metz sources healthy local foods and ingredients for every season to make meals catered to individual tastes. Vegetarian, vegan, nutritious, low-fat, oil-free, hormone-free milk, cage-free eggs, and all-natural ingredients—Metz’s inventory stores various options, allowing companies to create a fun, indulgent, and enjoyable culinary space for consumers. For Metz, its partners and clients are a part of the Metz family. Metz treats clients’ guests like its own, delivering restaurant-inspired hospitality.

The Dallas-based company provides its products and services to sectors where food plays a significant role in consumer experiences, such as education, corporate, and healthcare. Metz Culinary Management stacks educational institutions like K-12 facilities, independent schools, and higher education institutions with nutritious and high-value meals to develop and enhance healthy eating habits among students, educators, and staff.

One of the key players in building employee experiences is an organization’s canteen or cafeteria. Metz empowers the business sector by implementing mobile ordering and kiosk technology that saves time by allowing employees to order their meals in advance. Metz understands the employees’ needs and company culture to devise a dining menu that caters to both. Metz’s customized dining solutions enhance workplace productivity, communication, employee retention rate, and staff experience.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities must have healthy and fresh food to improve patient care and health. Metz’s dieticians analyze patient records to create nutritious foods that meet the specific nutrition needs and criteria. Metz’s Chef2Home program creates medically tailored chef-made meals that reach homes, patient rooms, or congregate settings. With restaurant-inspired frozen-fresh meals, Metz collaborates with dieticians to ensure each ingredient caters to the patient’s health conditions.

With three decades of experience bringing exceptional dining to congregate settings, such as senior networks and hospitals, we’ve come to learn the nutritional requirements and dining preferences of patients. — Jeff Metz, President and CEO of Metz Culinary Management.

Metz’s services include ready-to-eat meals that serve emergency requirements, congregate meals services, and café-style meals. In unexpected crises, such as emergencies or disasters, Metz offers readily available frozen and prepared meal services that can be stored. These meal plans also include shelf-stable foods that last a year for emergency storage and camping meals.

With a highly skilled and trained culinary team, Metz creates foods complying with the requirements of congregate meal services, such as traditional bulk hot meals, pre-plated hot meals, or pre-packaged hot meals. Metz Culinary Management also offers café-style home-delivered and congregate setting cold foods. Metz’s menu comprises appealing, healthy, and tasty cold sandwiches and entrée salads that arrive on-site safely and tightly wrapped and packaged, similar to a restaurant setting.

Along with dining management and café-style services, Metz also offers on-site catering for meetings, gatherings, galas, and weddings. Metz’s staff works diligently to accommodate everyone’s choices and needs to create appealing and enticing food considering the function’s theme and wow.

Metz Culinary Management extends its services to various sectors, including education institutions. One of Metz’s clients, a leading education institute, wanted better on-campus food management with consistent, high-quality, and a variety of food items to improve student satisfaction. Metz provided the college with a strategic and structured business model that created meals based on student needs, college expectations, and overall feedback. With Metz’s assistance, on-campus food service improved significantly, positively affecting the student experience.