Minesoft – Harnessing the power of patent data

The fundamental goal of intellectual property law is to advise innovators who want to safeguard their creations. On the other hand, obtaining the necessary resources might be a difficult undertaking. Minesoft is here to provide creators with easy access to all of the solutions they may require, such as a global patent search and analysis database, legal alerts services, document delivery, as well as workflow solutions.

Established in 1996, Minesoft has since developed its collection of revolutionary patent information products, staying up to date with all the latest information to assist IP professionals throughout their innovation process. Its specialized in-house development team collaborates directly with its clients to provide a comprehensive suite of effectively designed products for patent researchers, legal professionals, and academics.

With its Patent Search and Analysis tool, clients are able to intuitively search through Minesoft’s database, which is updated daily. They can also save time and streamline their legal workflow by utilizing Minesoft’s LegalTech solutions, which automate all essential activities in prosecution. Furthermore, it improves internal communication and the location of key patent records.

Minesoft’s Legal Alerts solutions help remove the hassle of manually monitoring the statuses of all patent applications, legal standings, and citations. Clients are given a choice to speak with a consultant at Minesoft who can help them with their specific needs and analyze and deliver what custom Knowledge Management solution they require.

Minesoft’s repository of legal tech solutions is optimally designed for patent researchers. Its proprietary solution, PatBase, can be considered to be at the forefront of patent searching and analysis. PatBase is a global patent database that is relied on by over 90,000 innovators and legal experts from all the different industries. With the help of PatBase, clients can conduct accurate patent searches and analyses in order to protect, maintain and develop their IP position.

Every day, the world’s best inventors use PatBase to gain relevant patent insights, stay updated with competitor activities, and get quick access to their search histories. This intuitive and efficient solution has enabled Minesoft to develop ties with patent offices worldwide to deliver one of the most comprehensive patent databases accessible today.

Minesoft also offers PatDocs, which supports IP professionals in important prosecution procedures and many other cost-effective features. PatDocs provides international patent document coverage, including fast machine translations and limitless PDF downloads. It is the ideal solution for paralegals searching for more effective ways to provide patent information to attorneys at a fair cost.

Minesoft has prospered through its contributions to the industry, making it a leading global patent solutions provider globally. It supplies its online products and services to a number of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, as well as IP specialists, patent attorneys, and search firms all around the world.

Minesoft is also honored to be a part of the WIPO-managed ASPI initiative, which aims to help stimulate global innovation. By being a part of this initiative, Minesoft can help offices and academic and research institutions in developing countries access all its patent solutions.

“As a company, we love having the opportunity to travel to conferences around the world, meeting both clients and new faces to demo Minesoft’s solutions and keep up with industry trends. We also have a passion for getting involved with our local communities and supporting charities,” says Ann Chapman, co-founder of Minesoft.

Minesoft understands that innovation occurs all over the world, so it ensures its products meet the demands of global users across all industries. Its clientele includes market leaders in a variety of industries, including consumer products, healthcare, sustainability, legal services, and others.

Minesoft’s expert staff of international product specialists is ready for individualized assistance at each level of its client’s innovation journey. The company prides itself on listening to customers and striving to implement their every request.