Miracle Software Systems – Leader in Systems Integrator in ERP/B2B/BPM

Today’s technology leaders and executives are striving to digitally transform their organizations by adopting a strategy that is cloud-first, data-driven, automation-powered and integration-ready. True digital transformation requires a combination of technology brilliance along with stakeholder buy in. Miracle Software Systems has established itself as a trusted partner for global enterprises, helping to empower their digital roadmap.

Founded in 1994, Miracle Software Systems, Inc. is a US-based Minority Certified Private Business, providing technology solutions to enterprises across industries for 28+ years.  With over 10 global locations, 30+ technology partnerships, 42 Fortune 100 clients, 1500 successful projects and 2500+ employees, Miracle is the trusted digital transformation partner that enterprises have been looking for.

Miracle is a Certified Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Partner, serving a variety of initiatives across cloud engineering, product development, and data empowerment through specialized knowledge of GCP services and best practices. Miracle utilizes Google Cloud’s data services, such as BigQuery, to deliver world-class analytics frameworks that give clients a competitive advantage over their industry competitors.

Miracle is one of the very few partners that can offer its clients end-to-end digital transformation services, as well as a unique flexible strategy for engaging or embedding the Miracle team at their preferred transformational stage.

Through Miracle’s Rapid Innovation Prototyping Services (RIPS), they are enabling enterprises to deliver new-age technology at a rapid pace in a model that encourages transparency, agility and true collaboration.

Miracle’s models such as Agile-as-a-Service and Rapid Prototyping bring together co-innovation, business case focus, rapid results, and affordable luxury. Thus enabling enterprises of all sizes to innovate flexibly, go to market quickly and experiment with thought leadership.

With Miracle, enterprises are sure to receive cloud-first, data-driven insights that are automated and integration-ready.

Prasad Lokam, CEO and Founder of Miracle Software Systems has instilled in every Miraclite a core value: “Execution at the Speed of Thought.” This is a vital component for everything that Miracle does, and it is what distinguishes it as a reliable and agile partner for all of its clients.

Every day, Team Miracle assists worldwide corporations in resolving some of their most pressing business issues. From the world’s leading automakers to national retailers, Team Miracle collaborates with the finest in the business to create unique, cutting-edge technological solutions.

“We are very proud to have partnered with Google to deliver cloud-enabled digital solutions for our customers. In the past few years, we have delivered AI-powered recommendation engines for automotive service centers and have been able to reshape critical analytics applications for an automotive giant that processes petabytes of data every day. This would not have been possible without our partnership with Google Cloud.” says Prasad Lokam.

Experts at Miracle have even assisted customers in the healthcare industry in deploying hundreds of software robots on the Google Cloud to create an Augmented Automation program. This frees up thousands of hours of mundane work for human users, allowing them to focus on more value-added work for their organizations.

Miracle anticipates being able to design solid technological solutions that can be deployed to corporations quickly using Google Cloud Platform’s new services. It envisages its clients being able to easily embrace technology thanks to accelerators and frameworks. With Miracle’s fail-fast-innovate-always approach, all customers receive agile digital product delivery and end-to-end cloud enablement for business solutions. It empowers businesses to experiment and gain the digital success they envision.