Momentum Telecom – Managed Network, Cloud Voice, and UC

Earning a spot on the list of top innovative telecom service providers is no easy feat. Momentum Telecom has achieved this with its distinct services and excellent customer satisfaction. Momentum offers enterprise unified communications, cloud voice, managed networks, and mobility and collaboration solutions.

We have a simple formula for satisfying our customers across the board. We call it The Momentum Difference. The mantra is built upon our confidence that we will meet and/or exceed our customers’ expectations in all areas of service and support,” remarks Todd Zittrouer, CEO of Momentum Telecom.

With the comprehensive stats that Momentum’s distinctive voice quality measurement tool provides, user voice delivery remains excellent. There are suitable reporting instruments to monitor inbound and outbound calls at numerous points throughout the call path. The solution provider takes great care to gather detailed analytics that empowers them to quickly troubleshoot and alleviate call quality problems, continually improve service performance and vastly enhance the customer experience.

As an expert in the industry, Momentum has served as a member and leader of technology, cable, and telecommunications organizations across the US. They are active participants in the innovation and incubation scenes to ensure that they always stay on the cusp of what’s next. Taking part in such activities also gives numerous chances for learning and networking on behalf of the clients.

Momentum also offers other advanced services, which have led to making them an award-winning cloud voice and network solution provider. With the latest technologies employed, Momentum can provide a service tailored to your needs. For instance, if there is a need for cloud phone systems that require little equipment, enhance feature functionality and scalability, and are easy to administer, Momentum will deliver. Momentum’s cloud voice and managed network solutions are the answer to keeping up with the rapid pace of today’s communications.

The company’s Voice Solution Architecture is something that needs to be taken note of. A wide range of communication services is hosted on this platform, allowing for flexible number design, increased redundancy, risk reduction, and a massively scalable design. Momentum has multiple paths to the PSTN network, including multiple carriers and gateway interconnection points for the highest reliability. This telecom service provider originates and terminates “off-network” calls with top-tier providers around the world.

Momentum also offers superior customer support. All support specialists are carefully selected and well-trained to serve the clients. No matter the medium, the primary goal with customer support is to maintain a quick response time, and for this, they can be accessed via phone, email, and web forms.

Another benefit of availing of Momentum, according to the clients, is unparalleled security. The brand has a layered and proactive stance against targeted and non-specific attacks with state-of-the-art technology to detect and prevent attacks at the network, host, and service levels. These defenses are regularly tested to ensure that protection is up-to-date and comprehensive. There are numerous innovative and proactive procedures and systems to secure and combat toll fraud, including fraud detection.

With recent use cases described by Ronald McDonald Houses, Ector Country, and Graham & Company, it is evident that Momentum Telecom stays on top of its game to curate the most satisfying customer experience. “We have been impressed with the quality of Momentum’s people from the initial sales call, the technicians who handled the changeover, the team that trained our team, and those that help with ongoing maintenance,” says a happy customer.

Providing affordable, reliable, and dependable services to all those who approach them is a part of their brand identity. It is this desire to build customer satisfaction that drives their innovative technology and strategies.