Nanolumens – Cutting Edge LED Solutions & Custom LED Displays

Where there is light and technology, there is NanoLumens. As LED commands the visual landscape, companies need the best display technology to light up physical spaces—and NanoLumens is at the forefront of this new change. NanoLumens’ comprehensive range of application-specific lighting products takes digital transformation forward by leveraging world-class and innovative technology for high-quality lighting solutions.

As a pioneer of evolving technologies, NanoLumens offers LED products that meet all lighting requirements. The company believes in a customer-centric approach and converts conceptual ideas into reality through customizable solutions.

What sets NanoLumens apart is its vision to transform all industries, regardless of size or operation. NanoLumens continues to successfully transform retail, education, sports, transportation, entertainment, corporate, and government sectors.

As part of the transformation from the early days of NanoLumens, we are now very market-centric and we will respond to the market demands in the short, mid, and long term. — Ney Corsino, CEO

The Atlanta, Georgia-based LED design and manufacturer has forever changed indoor and outdoor ambiance with its CLR series. The company’s CLR series is a transparent mesh technology available in various pitches to deliver high-impact visuals. Its high-quality components ensure clear clarity and sustainability. NanoLumens’ CLR series contains individual LED strips that users can service from the front to the back effortlessly, quickly, and efficiently.

With high brightness of 3000+ and 6000 nits, the CLR products heighten creativity, features, and visibility in demanding physical areas. Furthermore, this product series’ transparent mesh technology offers pixel pitches from 3.9 – 25mm, providing displays of high-impact views with minimal effect on the view from a different angle, regardless of the space.

NanoLumens’ is also the mastermind behind an all-in-one, easy-to-operate display that operates on its turnkey installation. This Captivate product series comprises a display, mount, and remote control in a single place to make unit installation easy. It accommodates any environment with perfectly personalized sizes ranging from 120-180 inches and displays built to full 1080 HD resolution. In addition, its user-friendly design makes the installation process breezy, whether installing on a wall or using a rolling floor stand.

Another NanoLumens product, Engage NXT, transforms indoor cabinet displays with its narrow pixel pitch for intimate and within-range viewing. Its 16:9 standard format simplifies complex content creation and video wall design processes when paired with cable-less, time-saving, and economical Engage NXT LED modules. Moreover, this high-performance and high-quality display does not require a third-party mount, eliminating cost and lengthy installation limitations.

NanoLumens’ Nixel Series offers unique and creative solutions to lighting needs with its industry-leading and tailored build. Its architecture creates displays with innovative shapes, multi-story designs, and double-sided screens. The Nixel Series also optimizes the display according to its physical environment by automatically fixing the brightness and is prepared for unpredictable weather conditions with its humidity-resistant weatherproofing.

The leading display tech company’s catalog also contains Performance Series displays that are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions with their multiple formats and ability to integrate seamlessly into the current design. Every display in the Performance Series maximizes design flexibility with cabinet and frame builds. They also consist of high-quality and sustainable components, increasing their lifespan and making them a perfect choice for outdoor events.

NanoLumens partnered with a US airport that wanted to modernize the airport’s inner structure. Despite being spacious, the airport lacked modern aesthetics and a captivating centerpiece. NanoLumens designed, developed, and installed two modern LED displays, one on the Welcome wall and the other, an 8-piece LED chandelier commanding the room from the ceiling. NanoLumens is the top display tech company because of its expertise, knowledge, and experience. The company has an extensive portfolio highlighting its partnerships with organizations worldwide.