Nastel Technologies Announces New Product Launch, XRay for MQ

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XRay for MQ – Nastel Technologies is a premier global provider of AIOps solutions covering end-to-end Transaction Tracking and Application Performance Management (APM) for mission-critical applications in the mixed cloud environments. Nastel is entering its 25th year in business and has recently introduced the latest offering, Nastel XRay® for MQ.

Nastel XRay® for MQ, a Big Data analytics platform for AIOps, now joins the Nastel portfolio of products. Nastel XRay® is a highly scalable Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM) solution. The product tracks transactions end-to-end from mobile devices throughout Java applications, ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus) and legacy systems, applying machine learning and big data analytics.

Nastel XRay® for MQ delivers the following functionality
o Profile your MQ and Broker middleware deployments
o Know where your messages are instantly
o Find applications which abuse middleware resources
o Search messages by content, header and more
o Visualize messages flows across apps, queues, channels
o Optimize performance of your MQ apps and messaging topologies
o Web dashboards for developers and operations
o Ad-hoc web reports for advanced users
o Cloud (SaaS) and Docker deployments
o Expand message tracking to other middleware technologies such as Kafka, JMS, Java and more

“We are thrilled to be adding XRay to Nastel’s ever growing suite of products. As we start to shift into taking leadership of the AIOps market we are focused on continuing innovation as well as the startup spirit that originally helped the company to excel. With the addition of XRay, we are perfectly positioned to do what no other company is capable of. Our unique ability to exploit middleware messages to abstract business understanding from machine data places us at the right place, at the right time with the right technology to dominate the AIOps space.” said Nastel’s CEO, David Mavashev.

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