NAVEX – Governance, Risk and Compliance GRC Software

Businesses are getting increasingly complicated, expensive, and disorderly because of the rise in operational disruptions, risks from third parties, and cyber threats. NAVEX is a leading GRC management company that specifically provides businesses with an easy-to-configure and simple-to-set-up system that helps locate, analyze, and bring light to hazards throughout the body of the organization.

Enterprises that have implemented NAVEX’s innovative solutions have been able to handle their immediate challenges effortlessly.  It provides risk and compliance management all on a single platform, and its products are built in a way that they function unaided or in tandem with other workflow systems.

Companies are continually invited to take advantage of its wide range of features to customize their program as their needs evolve alongside their business. This is one of the reasons NAVEX is recognized as a global leader in risk and compliance management software and services. With over 13,000 clients in 85 different countries worldwide, NAVEX provides a unified perspective of risk throughout an organization, giving its clients the organizational insight they need to improve their operational efficiency and make informed decisions with certainty.

NAVEX works with the mindset that a company’s confidence in tomorrow begins with the risk and compliance decisions of today. Its products simplify risk management for each client, providing them with actionable insights into multiple risk areas, including Third-Party Risk, Ethics & Compliance Training, Privacy, Risk & Compliance, and Hotline & Incident Management.

It offers solutions that can help its clients better understand the risk and compliance health of their organization, and manage GRC initiatives in a simple, efficient, and holistic manner. Developing the world’s smartest, most integrated platform for predicting and mitigating risk is NAVEX’s biggest goal, and it achieves this through its business purpose:

NAVEX places a lot of importance on its purpose – the three Ps, namely, Promote, Protect, and Preserve. It is committed to fostering and promoting an ethical, inclusive, and fair working culture for all employees, as well as protecting its customers’ brands and stakeholders against a constantly shifting risk landscape. It also advocates sustainable business practices in order to preserve the environment’s natural resources.

“This purpose drives our corporate responsibility work and is embedded throughout our organization […]. We look forward to learning, growing, and improving alongside our customers as we seek to improve our collective future,” stated Mr. Bob Conlin, CEO of NAVEX.

NAVEX manages regulatory risks, business risks, sustainability risks, and people risks. It offers Integrated Risk Management Solutions, which cover IT Risk, Privacy, Risk & Compliance, Third-Party Risk, Business Continuity, and more.

With the NAVEX IRM Solution, clients may effectively construct an automated, resilient, and long-lasting information security management system, allowing for continuous detection of new and developing IT risks. They may also monitor and verify compliance with privacy regulations and programs automatically, resulting in consistent, repeatable, and auditable operations. The IRM system connects departments, business units, and various data silos to give clients a contextual awareness of business and regulatory risks throughout the enterprise.

NAVEX also offers the One platform, a GRC management software platform that gives clients the capabilities to better predict and address emerging risks that can jeopardize their companies.

The power of its solutions and services is testified by the fact that 91 of the Fortune 100 companies trust NAVEX to help them predict and mitigate risks in their organization before they even occur. It is also proud to be recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management.

NAVEX has assisted several organizations with integrating systems and launching an organization-wide process optimization effort. It is happy to collaboratively work with its clients to guarantee user adoption. It also encourages them to make the most of their technology investment by asking the right questions. With NAVEX, companies can build business resilience, ESG principles, and a defined path to future success by anticipating any challenges that may arise.