Newsela- Content And Assessment Platform

As one of the most innovative EdTech companies, Newsela has transformed the landscape by promoting and ensuring meaningful classroom learning for every student. Newsela is a leading force in the EdTech ecosystem, empowering teachers with engaging and relevant instructional materials to equip students with the best education, tools, and skills.

Newsela, a market leader since its establishment in 2013, is known for its unparalleled expertise and knowledge. But what truly sets it apart is its commitment to fostering holistic learning. From administrators to teachers and students, Newsela’s comprehensive approach to education supports every component of an institution.

Newsela’s Formative tool is more than just a common assessment tool. It’s a powerful resource that connects students, teachers, and schools in a streamlined manner. By leveraging actionable insights and deploying tailored strategies, Formative provides real-time insights to teachers and administrators. This data is then used to enhance student learning in every subject, from math to modern languages, making it an invaluable asset in the classroom.

In addition to making common assessments more accessible across schools, Newsela understands the importance of a continuous loop in cultivating an immersive learning experience. With its suite of evidence-based products, Newsela delivers engaging formative assessments and provides real-time results to incorporate that feedback loop into a productive and effective assessment strategy, improving student outcomes.

Every subject is different and requires unique assessments to accurately measure and track student progress. Newsela introduces its product suite that equips every learner with robust differentiation and scaffolding resources. By pairing them with engaging and accessible content, teachers can develop personalized and tailored lessons for the entire class, small groups, or individual learning.

Newsela adopts an instructor- and student-oriented approach. Our team of experts, former educators, and education champions devise innovative solutions to make learning more inspiring and meaningful. — Pep Carrera, CEO

Newsela has formed an intricate network of institutions and learners, empowering them with new and innovative solutions and products that not only boost the quality of learning but also achieve learning goals and ensure the best results. One of Newsela’s clients, an Illinois, US-based educator community, provides students with a wide array of classes, preparing them for college and career advancement.

However, the district’s common assessment program was outdated and rigid. It followed a uniform curriculum for each student, providing all learners with the same questions and feedback tools. Therefore, educators sought a flexible, engaging platform that allowed them to assess students through more inclusive metrics that understood every student’s unique needs and offered tailored approaches to learning.

With Newsela’s help, the educators implemented Formative and conducted weekly professional learning sessions to design and share common formative and summative assessments. The multi-disciplinary group of teachers also built a shared library, where students could access a variety of question types that matched their understanding. Additionally, teams reviewed district-wide performance weekly according to each building, department, and classroom, further leveraging the data to curate their instructional priorities.

As a result, teachers used Formative throughout their units in daily instruction to monitor their progress. The platform’s real-time data enabled them to identify gaps in students’ learning and personalize their lessons accordingly. Moreover, at the end of each unit, teachers used the shared library to design common summative assessments and track student progress in line with state standards.

At the departmental level, educators found a way to collaborate regarding instructional strategies and assessments. They aligned their assessments according to state standards and learners’ individual needs, allowing them to monitor student performance throughout the school year. This approach simplified complex, manual processes of creating and adjusting instructional strategies. Additionally, at the individual level, teachers could implement several activity options, enabling them to devise assessments that allowed students to learn at their own pace in accessible formats.