NexDine Hospitality – Experience Amazing Service

No one can deny the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has cast on the foodservice industry. There aren’t many companies that have not been affected in some way or the other. Market trends and consumer habits have dramatically changed, and for this transformation to be handled properly, food tech organizations must adapt to the unpredictability of the market. As a premier food service provider, NEXDINE Hospitality is changing how the industry functions. And, in the process, its clients and customers are benefitting from its innovation.

NEXDINE is known for integrating cutting-edge technology in order to elevate its clients’ business functions and strategies. The organization’s easily adaptable, cost-effective solutions, along with its full operational and financial transparency, have enabled NEXDINE to rapidly replace the traditionally costly legacy systems.

From a customer-facing standpoint, having mobile ordering, self-checkout 24 hours a day, and desktop delivery capabilities in place have enabled the company to rapidly meet its customers’ evolving needs.

NEXDINE puts special emphasis on its workforce. The organization’s leadership values it’s Colleagues and understands that this very pool of extraordinary talent is the fundamental the driving force behind NEXDINE’s expansion and success. Its culture focuses on the empowerment of its Colleagues, offering them a clear path for growth and progress.

“Our people are our most valuable asset. I know that if we take care of them, they will take care of our customers,” said David Lanci, Co-founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of NEXDINE Hospitality.

Even NEXDINE understands that irrespective of the vast talent pool it has in its arsenal, without its ability to adapt to market changes and concrete focus on innovation, the company cannot achieve its desired goals. As a result, the organization focuses on client empowerment through real-time operational and financial reporting and performance dashboards.

The easy-to-deploy technological solutions that NEXDINE brings to the table help foster trust and confidence among its clients. In a way, NEXDINE makes it possible for its clients to control the free flow of vital information needed to make fast, informed business decisions. NEXDINE’s timely response to its clients’ needs, ensures that the company will continue to lead the industry in a post-pandemic climate.

NEXDINE utilizes cloud-based technology in every aspect of its dining operations. CrunchTime; one of the offerings of the organization, allows companies to source items directly from vendors, manage their labor, and import sales data from a variety of point-of-sale systems. And all of these complicated tasks can be managed from just one spot. This ensures time and capital saving.

That’s not the end though. NEXDINE introduced its MealSuite-powered Menu Management Program. By connecting forecasting, inventory management, menu planning, and production, recipe development, and nutritional content development, NEXDINE’s completely integrated software platform optimizes foodservice outcomes, resulting in the benefit of both its clients and their end-users.

Whether it’s bedside tablet order-taking in hospitals and senior living communities, or mobile ordering and 24-hour self-checkout functionality in retail operations, NEXDINE’s state-of-the-art technology empowers consumers to customize their dining experience. Guests can submit comments regarding their dining experiences using the company’s Dine Your Way guest survey platform, which allows NEXDINE to respond quickly if service recovery is required. Things couldn’t have been deployed on a more personal level. This is what differentiates NEXDINE from its competitors.

NEXDINE, with a perfect blend of innovation, technology, and fresh seasonal cuisines, has successfully created the optimal combination for all levels of the hospitality sector.