Nividous – Intelligent Automation Company | Digital Transformation

The Nividous platform is a full-fledged intelligent automation platform that empowers a plethora of industries, such as healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, life sciences, logistics and supply chain, and finance and banking, to unleash the full potential of their workforce. With integrated robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and low-code process automation components, this platform automates entire business process lifecycles, minimizing human involvement and enabling the workforce to focus on more urgent tasks without seeking additional software, integrations, or licenses.

With Nividous, automation is not just about efficiency but also about enhancing operations and reducing costs. Nividous bots, embedded with native cognitive capabilities, can automate any activity, even on hand-held devices, boosting productivity across your organization. Additionally, this intelligent automation solution ensures the highest level of security and reduces the total ownership cost by fivefold.

Nividous’ process automation suite transforms the industry landscape by monitoring and managing automated functions through a centralized portal. — Kaushal Mashruwala, Co-Founder

The Nividous platform also comprises a design code-free automation studio with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It configures components instead of coding them, enabling users to reuse existing components. Nividous takes a sustainable approach by allowing process testing within the same interface using specialized process recorders for desktop applications, web applications, and Citrix environment, accelerating process automation and generating accurate results.

Furthermore, with a scalable and secure built-in control center, users can deploy and manage bots to schedule, monitor, and control an enterprise-wide digital workforce. The control hub manages all requests sent to and received from different bots with load-balancing capabilities. It also enables monitoring of human staff for easy measurement and reporting of end-to-end business process data and metrics.

As a leading robot process automation company, Nividous ensures users can leverage both attended and unattended bots. While attended bots assist in automating front-office tasks, unattended bots work independently in the background for back-end data process automation. These bots can interact with any existing modern or legacy system and custom application to deploy a broad range of tasks on various platforms, such as the web, desktop, mainframe, Citrix, and command line, using numerous communication protocols like HTTP(S), FTP, Telnet, and SSH.

In addition to Nividous bots, the Nividous platform also supports AI-powered smart bots that automate processes related to complex documents by combining RPA with AI tools. These smart bots use cognitive software like Intelligent Document Processing, Natural Language Processing, and Predictive Analysis to simplify data extraction, classification, and validation from any document, database, or application.

Our vision is to push the boundaries of Resource Process Automation beyond back-end operations and expose it to front-end operations, where customers can interact with virtual agents. — Shvetal Desai, Co-Founder

Headquartered in Moorestown, New Jersey, Nividous extends its automation solutions to enterprises globally. One of Nividous’ clients, a leader in the insurance industry that simplifies carrier workflows and improves the customer experience for insureds using digital technologies, handled 35% of its insurance payments through an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. A team of fifty full-time call center agents made approximately 2,000 IVR calls daily to different insurance carriers to process payments, each lasting five minutes.

Manually making these calls left a significant error margin in handling sensitive information, such as the PII (personally identifiable information) and PCI (personal card information). Therefore, the client wanted to automate these manual calls to increase security and accuracy.

Using Nividous’ intelligent automation platform, the insurance leader automated all end-to-end processes. Nividous’ automated solution also integrated a gateway between Nividous bots and the client’s existing vendor for VoIP calling to call insurance IVRs. Additionally, the bots updated relevant information on the application portal, saving over 500 hours monthly by eliminating manual tasks, improving data accuracy by 100%, and improving the turnaround time by 30%.