Nordic Semiconductor – Empowering Wireless Innovation

In today’s rapidly evolving electronics landscape, Nordic Semiconductor has cemented itself as an industry leader. As one of the fastest-growing semiconductor companies, Nordic Semiconductor spearheads semiconductor manufacturing by specializing in wireless communication technology that drives Internet of Things (IoT) products. Partnering with industry leaders, such as Matter, Amazon, Apple, and Google, and developing new and innovative solutions, Nordic has transformed the design and functioning of audio, automotive, asset tracking, connected health, education, smart agriculture, and sports sectors, among numerous others.

Nordic Semiconductor offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless solutions that open a diverse range of connectivity channels and options for IoT devices. A significant offering in Nordic’s extensive product catalog is its contribution to revolutionizing cellular IoT designs

As the market continues to change, outdated cellular IoT designs provide a fragmented user experience, with multiple components being sourced from different vendors, such as host MCU, RF front end, cellular module, and GNSS module. This fragmented experience makes product developers vulnerable to various challenges, resulting in a sub-optimal implementation that requires several cost, performance, and power consumption considerations.

With these concerns at the forefront, Nordic Semiconductor adopts a customer-centric approach. It makes the user experience seamless by streamlining cellular product development and supporting the entire product lifecycle. Ultimately, it integrates different parts of the cellular system into a single, centralized, and controlled solution that simultaneously supports hardware, software, and cloud services.

Another significant offering by Nordic Semiconductor is its wireless communication solutions, reflecting the company’s decades of ultra-low-power wireless knowledge and skills to unlock and maximize Wi-Fi’s low-power potential in various applications, such as home devices, smart lighting, and IoT devices. Nordic’s nRF7002 DK is one of the few certified embedded reference designs supporting dual-band and Target Wake Time. This combination of state-of-the-art technologies streamlines the process of delivering Wi-Fi 6 certified products based on Nordic’s in-house nRF70 Series devices, which, upon integration, allow customers to ensure consistent performance and an enhanced user experience.

The Norwegian semiconductor manufacturer has cultivated long-standing relationships with global leaders, including Matter. Nordic’s collaboration with Matter combines the power of Matter and Nordic’s own Thread product, making integrating Matter into IoT devices easier and seamless.

Nordic Semiconductor also offers DECT NR+, a robust, comprehensive, standardized solution that revamps the functioning of cellular devices and provides features miles ahead of other non-cellular technologies. By leveraging known cellular technologies, Nordic harnesses the power of its existing low-power nRF91 Series technology to generate a highly integrated DECT NR+ solution.

At Nordic Semiconductor, we are leading the charge with bold technology solutions and advanced engineering innovations making us a recognized leader in wireless connectivity. — Vegard Wollan, CEO and President

Bluetooth is one of the most fundamental cornerstones of wireless technology, and Nordic understands its integral role. Nordic’s cutting-edge wireless multiprotocol System-on-Chips (SoCs) technology adds Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to products in a power-efficient manner while having unique feature sets and memory configurations. With high-quality SoCs with ultra-low power consumption, protocol stacks with advanced interoperability, and easy-to-use software, Nordic has solidified its position as a leading Bluetooth Low Energy solution provider.

In addition to Bluetooth Low Energy, Nordic also provides Bluetooth LE Audio to boost power consumption, latency, and bandwidth performances. The company also offers a diverse range of SoCs supporting Bluetooth Mesh, with each SoC having different memory sizes and capabilities, allowing users to select the tools compatible with their product requirements. Furthermore, Nordic’s SoCs and hardware, software, and tools work in tandem to simplify complex product designing processes and reduce time-to-market.

Nordic Semiconductor not only empowers users with a Bluetooth Mesh stack comprising all mandatory and selected optional features but also offers a wide array of application models and samples for lighting and sensor networks. The company’s product listings also include a mobile application and nRF Mesh that can provision, configure, and control Mesh nodes during the evaluation and testing phases

The final product in Nordic Semiconductor’s Bluetooth catalog is its Bluetooth Direction Finding feature. This feature enhances location services that previously only worked with signal strength-based technologies that used received signal strength indication (RSSI). Moreover, Bluetooth Direction Finding will enable customers to experience Nordic’s leading-edge real-time location systems (RTLS) for asset tracking across a broad range of applications, from logistics and warehousing to value asset security in hospitals. This feature can be used to detect locations in 2D or 3D formats, depending on the complexity of the implementation, along with boosting user experience in proximity-based situations, improving consumer awareness, and providing them with real-time contextual information.

Since its inception in 1983, Nordic Semiconductor has been on a mission to develop products and services that align with evolving market trends, as evidenced by the company’s wireless multiprotocol SoCs that support ANT wireless protocol. In addition to offering high-quality, ultra-low power consumption SoCs and unmatched ANT protocol stacks, Nordic provides a complete solution for developing end-to-end products with ANT connectivity by offering free technical support and assisting users in navigating the entire product development process.

Customers require complete control over their wireless links when faced with challenges such as low latency, reduced packet size, or unanticipated protocol behavior. Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52 and nRF51 Series wireless SoCs provide an effective solution by supporting 2.4 GHz proprietary development. Depending on the application’s needs and demands, these multiprotocol wireless SoCs offer simultaneous Bluetooth Low Energy Operation or another compatible supported protocol. What makes Nordic’s 2.4 GHz proprietary development a one-of-a-kind feature is its ability to tailor both ends of a communication link to unlock maximum efficiency.

Cloud is the pillar of today’s electronic landscape. Nordic Semiconductor not only provides a myriad of wireless communication solutions and support but also offers cloud services optimized for its ultra-low-power wireless devices. Nordic’s nRF Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of services curated for ultra-low-power wireless devices that support IoT development throughout its lifecycle. This extensive Cloud platform also offers excellent support for Nordic products, allowing users to seamlessly scale from a few devices during pilot testing to thousands of devices on a production deployment scale.