Nortec Communications – Award-winning Managed IT Services

With the world taking leaps toward assimilating the latest technology in business processes, it is no wonder that service providers like Nortec Communications are getting flooded with requests for assistance. Perhaps this shift in the market is why Nortec is on the list of top Microsoft Partners to watch out for in 2023.

Since we opened in 1991, Nortec has helped small businesses operate more efficiently,” Nortec President and CEO Andrew Grose said. “Today, that means guiding businesses of all sizes on their digital transformation journey. This advanced specialization, paired with our cybersecurity expertise, heightens the level of cloud services we’re able to provide. Clients working with us will have an easier path to modernization. They’ll work closely with our cloud consultants to develop and execute the right IT strategies and exceed goals.”

The key factor that sets Nortec apart from the rest of the competition in the market is its methodology. As an MSP, Nortec focuses on improving structure, reporting, and communication between all parties when it comes to cloud services and unified communications. Based on the Microsoft Solutions Framework, Nortec’s project methodology goes through a 4-phase solution delivery model that takes care of a project from the beginning to the end. Every detail in the project is carefully mapped and charted by setting up a schedule of milestone-based deliverables. Such a detailed plan ensures that progress can be compared against the overall solution scope, and the clients can also keep an eye on the progress.

The case of Atlantic Financial Inc is one of the most notable migrations to the Microsoft ecosystem supervised by Nortec. As a leader in residential and investment property financing, Atlantic Financial needed high-quality resources and reliable connectivity to all staff who worked in their office and access company resources to staff that worked remotely. Under a tight deadline and budget, Nortec successfully set up Atlantic Financial on Azure servers and Office 365 services. Other processes, such as document and email migration, cloud infrastructure, application deployment, and mobile device management, were also completed efficiently.

Through this process, Atlantic Financial could implement Office365 throughout the office. Having Microsoft backing every data they own, Atlantic Financial has secure, smooth, and reliable data security. As Nortec believes in the security provided by Azure services, clients who approach the company also have the benefit of learning how to leverage Azure services to improve security and boost business productivity.

Nortec advises enterprises to actively manage their Azure servers, monitor them, patch them regularly, and review the reports consistently. If you are not using them, Nortec suggests getting rid of them.

As a firm that gives due importance to responsiveness and customer satisfaction, clients can easily avail of the support team at Nortec to troubleshoot any issues. Through a work ethic that values integrity, clients can rest assured that Nortec only provides the best services and solutions. The brand is steadfast in its follow-ups, ensuring that client continues to enjoy the benefits of updates and innovations in the field.

Instead of implementing a homogenous, generic solution, Nortec delivers exactly what your business needs after careful consideration and meticulous analysis. They continually ensure the technology stays aligned with the client’s goals and budget. Since 1991, Nortec has worked in a constantly changing industry. Even though technology and solutions continue to change, Nortec still believes in its core values. The company’s mission to eliminate IT friction through flexible solutions and reliable support to deliver a straightforward working environment keeps them striving to satisfy more entrepreneurs seeking to incorporate Microsoft Solutions into their operations.