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The nature of work is shifting in a manner that calls for a different approach to people and culture. Companies need something that drives new levels of engagement and creates a more empowered and sustainable workforce. SAP solutions are exactly what companies facing such issues need. Novigo will be one of the top providers of SAP solutions in 2023, and their work so far reflects this.

Be it supply chain consulting or business technology platforms, SAP is the future of boosting business value. Novigo understands this and aims to assist businesses across industries. SAP BTP helps companies assess the impact of proposed changes on their entire system landscape and make better-informed decisions on optimizing transformation plans. With its powerful simulation capabilities, SAP BTP can help test out different scenarios and understand the potential outcomes before taking any action. This capability drives successful business transformations. Novigo ensures they meet every promise they have made regarding boosting business value and impact through their offered solutions.

That is one of many advantages that SAP BTP offers. Companies can also create personalized experiences and build faster within a business context. Undoubtedly, the SAP Business Technology Platform supports integration with other systems for data conversion into value while providing extensibility through third-party applications or the ability to build new applications that can be designed using the platform. Any client who comes to Novigo with data management issues and associated technology goes back with enhanced agility, flexibility, and speed built into their system.

Novigo’s innovations in this field are all about simplifying logistics. For instance, integrating p44 Visibility Accelerator and SAP TM is a way to empower supply chain visibility. With ready-to-deploy packages, this innovation is one way to monitor road and ocean shipments more efficiently to enhance visibility and increase resilience in the supply chain network. The default integration option between TM and project44 uses a direct API connection or with middleware like PI, MuleSoft, etc., eliminating the need for SAP LBN GTT integration.

Apart from the innovations, Novigo has services that keep its clientele engaged and satisfied. From trade consulting to yard logistics and time-to-value solutions, Novigo has a unique approach to tackling common issues in the logistics field. The case of Colgate is one where this can be noticed. The company received unique but global solutions that could be applied to specialized needs.

Novigo simply does not stop with these results, and the latest merger between Krypto and Novigo is a testament. “This merger offers outstanding growth potential to the benefit of our customers. Combining Novigo’s and Krypt’s leading capabilities and global organizations, powered by BV’s excellent growth support, elevates us to a new level in SAP’s Service Partner Ecosystem,” says Joerg Rohde, CEO of Novigo. The joint venture by these companies is called ArchLynk. “Solving our customers’ nagging Supply Chain Problems with innovative Digital Supply Chain Solutions has never been more important than today. We are very enthusiastic about supporting our global customers here on the combined ArchLynk Platform, with a significantly extended end-to-end services and solutions portfolio at the best-in-class expert levels customers have come to expect from us. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead as one team,” he adds.

As a team dedicated to improving the customer experience at Novigo, they put in effort for the establishments that seek their help. From logistics management to analytics, Novigo has a holistic approach that brings business benefits realization. Through deeper solutions and lengthy analyses, Novigo makes sure to enhance and potentiate SAP TM core functions for their clients through a seamless and meticulous process.