Nsight, Inc. – Accelerating Digital Transformation

A robust SAP infrastructure ensures seamless data management and processes. As a top SAP solutions provider, Nsight, Inc. offers next-generation transformation services that help enterprises counter SAP-related challenges. The leading global technology consultancy firm follows a customer-centric approach to designing customized solutions, allowing companies to deliver projects quickly and efficiently and meet their business objectives.

The SAP space poses various issues hindering business development, such as a lack of resources, IT skills, and expertise. Additionally, globalization and new business challenges make it difficult to synchronize business processes and adopt digital tools. Nsight drives business growth with its unique and world-class solutions. The company offers the latest SAP technology that helps organizations build product portfolios, strategize, optimize system designs, implement end-to-end solutions, and enhance managed services.

Launched in 2005, Nsight’s certified IT consultants use decades of expertise to modernize IT, strengthen security, optimize business operations, and accelerate digital growth. Nsight unlocks SAP’s full potential to enable innovations and transformations and build a future-proof infrastructure. The company’s long-standing SAP partnership allows it to understand evolving trends and needs and maximize SAP investment returns accordingly.

Nsight provides various SAP solutions that revolutionize the SAP sphere and help enterprises adapt to ever-changing requirements efficiently and comfortably. SAP implementation can be risky and complex if not done correctly. However, Nsight’s SAP S/4HANA solution simplifies data models, boosts positive customer experiences, and makes business processes efficient. It mitigates risks and accelerates project management.

SAP implementation requires experience, which Nsight provides. Nsight’s SAP S/4HANA consultants use their skills to lower implementation risks and increase investment values. The company’s extensive SAP knowledge helps companies transform and adapt the intelligent ERP suite, handle organizational changes, and set realistic business goals that can be attained quickly and efficiently.

Innovation, growth, and commitment have been an integral part of our DNA since inception. Our team constitutes of the best technology professionals in the industry, working towards a common cause, focused on digital transformation and modernization for our customers and community,” said Anudeep Bhatia, CEO of Nsight, Inc.

With its SAP Customer Experience tool, Nsight recommends an industry-focused implementation framework that suits an organization’s individual industry, scope, and localization needs. It ensures Nsight’s clients maximize returns from their technology investment.

The dedicated CX Center of Excellence (COE) creates rapid prototypes, designs and develops demos for different clients. Its extensive experience in the entire SAP XC portfolio uses accelerators and packaged solutions to maximize the success of SAP CX implementation. Finally, Nsight uses its expertise and knowledge to recommend tools and techniques for reducing market time and improving productivity.

Another Nsight SAP tool, SAP Ariba, allows companies to optimize source and procure processes efficiently, assess spending, and manage suppliers. It builds a faster and more accessible online process, automates invoicing, and unlocks value across the supply chain. This cloud-based platform digitizes procurement and purchasing processes, enabling optimized sourcing, vendor management, working capital optimization, Global Trade Services, and contract management.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is a part of SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM). This solution makes inventory manageable and tracks the movement of goods in warehouses. Nsight’s time-tested and customized methodologies ensure high productivity of warehouse operations. SAP EWM enhances agility, lowers costs, and manages a storage facility’s current and future demand.

Nsight SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) architects, implements, and optimizes business strategies for international functions. It allows companies to manage foreign trade operations and control global trade compliance. Nsight also provides SAP Fiori, a UX suite, which lets organizations personalize and simplify the user experience through intuitive design principles that build a more engaged workforce and enhance productivity.

SAP Fiori helps businesses utilize SAP S/4 HANA, Ariba Mobile, and SAP Cloud solutions to create and develop end-to-end customized designs. It enables companies to gain flexibility by using simplified SAP GUI screens on connected devices, improving data quality, and aiming for positive customer and user journeys.

Nsight continuously extends its products and solutions to help clients build a stable and safe SAP infrastructure. One of Nsight’s clients, a prominent US-based biotechnology company that manufactures synthetic DNA, required a unified IT plan. The company lacked proper process controls and integrated connectivity across various systems. The client’s dependency on multiple small, customized systems led to high inefficacies and operational costs. The reliance on manual tasks made simple functions complex and resulted in long response times.

Using Nsight’s SAP S/4HANA and SAP Ariba, the client could implement a full-scale digital transformation strategy. Nsight also leveraged SAP Fiori to provide easy-to-navigate business applications with remote accessibility. The company managed all project phases to accelerate system implementation, including business process and solution design, development, testing, performance, and post-go-live support.

SAP Ariba Procure-to-Pay, Guided Buying, Supplier Enablement, and Spot Buy streamlined catalog maintenance. SAP Solution manager handled project management activities by providing a central platform for solution reporting and test scripts. Nsight’s assistance improved the client’s daily productivity and system visibility, reduced manual operations, streamlined transactions and invoice management, simplified analytics models, and enabled informed decision-making.