Nutrislice – Digital Dining Solutions

Of all the events in the world that can bring people together, nothing quite works like a shared meal. A good meal can be hard to serve in large numbers, and that is exactly what Nutrislice aims to simplify. Started by three college friends and former roommates, Brian Crapo, Ben Roberts, and Michael Craig, in 2011, the venture has exceeded expectations in achieving all that they intended.

As a food service provider ranked at the top in 2023, it is safe to say that the organization’s goal of making food service more transparent and personalized has been achieved. From the starting point, inspired by the experiences of Mike’s father – a long-time school lunch director – they combined their talents to solve some of the largest problems in K-12 food service. Today, Nutrislice solves food service issues at K-12, higher education, corporate, senior living, and healthcare levels.

One of the problems encountered in food service programs, especially in schools, is the disconnect between the parents’ assumptions and the reality of the meals being served. Apart from this, formatting and sharing school menus with the users was limited by the program or platform they were built in and by the technical skills of the kitchen managers creating them. With an inability to incorporate the advancements in technology, quality, and nutritional value of the food, the efficiency of the food service programs and platforms was always questioned. Transparency was clearly absent in the field, and everyone involved needed a clear picture of factors like the effort put in by the kitchen directors or the clarity that parents wanted over the school menus.

The first Nutrislice platform quickly bridged the gaps and tied up the loose ends that made food service platforms appear less than. Soon enough, the company partnered with the Florida Department of Education and Agriculture, which was working to connect locally grown crops with local kids, and ultimately adopted Nutrislice for use in schools across the state.

The success stories of Nutrislice only begin here; with great innovations making food service solutions simpler, more flexible, and effortless, Nutrislice has led the industry with great passion. For instance, Nutrislice helped a top-ranked college move towards more digital and flexible food service options to meet the growing demand for greater convenience.

Especially with sweeping lockdowns and severe health and safety concerns, this college, known for its delicious, high-quality food, suddenly faced a substantial loss in revenue and critical service challenges for the three dining outlets. The grill, coffee shop, and sports lounge generate, on average, 1.2 million dollars in annual revenue for the school; the sudden revamp of the food service system was critical in maintaining this. Nutrislice helped the client with the mobile menus, pre-ordering, takeout, and delivery options that were critical requirements for keeping the doors open.

Nutrislice has also taken a new step in its journey to simplify dining experiences. Spotlight, a spin on e-paper electronic shelf labels (ESLs) aimed at relaying important food item information at serving lines and food stations, on-shelf displays, and even in coolers, wirelessly updates and displays prices, calories, allergen icons, QR codes, and more.

Our new digital food labels are a lifesaver to overworked dining teams, who are often fighting the challenges of an outdated paper labeling solution. Spotlight modernizes the guest experience while simplifying how operators manage labels — all while being kinder to the planet. — Brian Crapo, CEO

With a growth mindset that relies on continuously improving, Nutrislice believes in taking a personal interest in watching every client succeed. The values and quality of work that Nutrislice has shown are clear evidence that the name will only rise further up.